Monday, September 02, 2013

Another soccerless weekend

It's not often that we have a free weekend, so we all took advantage of it. Bianca went to the football game with her friends, and spent the night at Allison's with Makayla and Allison. Fun girls night for them. It was great I even got to chit chat with Cindy (Allison's mom). We talked about what great and mean parents we are and how we don't let our kids go or so much. They love to hate us. 
Friday night we hung out at home and got the new Mac set up, cleaned bedrooms and lost our minds. 
Saturday came quickly and we got some shopping done, I took Sydney, Peyton and Kamren to watch cousin Matthew play football. He is playing up a year on pee wee Trojans. He is the fullback, middle linebacker and kicker. This boy doesn't really get a break during the game. Playing offense and defense. He had a great game, made a lot if tackles and ran the ball a few times, even making a long first down run. They won 14-6 against Whitney. He made one kicking conversion after the first try the person hiking it didn't get it to the holder... Yikes that was ugly. After the game we got some pics. 

Sunday we went to church but didn't make it to St Francis again. Hit up SJV instead and then the Folsom train. Kamren really loved the train. $18 for the family to ride. The girls remembered riding it when they were smaller. It's a fun thing to do. 

I really wanted to take them to the train in old sac but it was gold rush days and last time we went there it was so crazy packed we decided not to do it. They have the real train (big) that takes you on a 45 minute excursion so it's on my to do list. I think Kamren will love riding the life sized train. 
They also do the polar express at Christmas time and I want to take Kamren, it's $50 a person so it will be just the two of us.  

We did more shopping on Sunday and played street soccer. That was so much fun. My body was so sore after 2 hours of black top running. 

Today was Labor Day. Yay!  We slept in and while Ben and Bianca were at soccer practice, we went for a mile run. Great run in under 12 minutes with the lil kiddos. Kamren was in the stroller most of the time but really wanted to run some too. Not bad for our first family jog of the school year. haha  we need to shave some time off that run.  We played more street soccer today and my back hurts so bad that I wanted to cry. 
We are celebrating everyday in September until Bianca's birthday with a small gift for her. So day 1 and day 2 are done.  Socks and Starbucks/gift card and tomorrow it's Sky High.  Stay tuned for Wednesday and Thursday.  I hope I can blog. 
Hey and it's day 3 of kamrens new bedtime routine. Him going to bed in his bed. Yay for mama

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kaos tourney

Saturday was the day, see what this kaos team is made of. Out first games. 830 am and then again at 10. I thought game plan Thursday and by Friday night everything was in pen and ready to go. 
Bianca and Ben left the house at 6 am just as the rest of us rolled out of bed. They had a game at 8 also but had to arrive by 7. Game in rocklin. 
I managed to get the three lil ones dressed, fed and out the door by 7. Dropped Kamren at grandma and papas and hauled butt to land park. There was a race for the arts around land park so we had to arrive early to find parking. 
Rock star status in the lot. We got there by 730 and I even got Starbucks. 
Only 2 people showed up later than the time I have them, but we had 12 girls. I was stoked. 
First up the crush. Sydney played forward first half of the game and she dominated, dribbling and making runs. Solice was up front too and got her foot on the ball and dribbling around. My midfielders were everywhere running. Defense was sending the ball up to the forwards really well. Syd scored the first goal. Crush turned around and scored on us quickly. A few minutes later they put it in the goal again. Half time and I moved girl around and subbed. Peyton was in the front now. She was excited. But wanted to play defense.  Game on. Peyton went off, stealing the ball from crush, dribbling around girls, pulling the ball back and shooting.  Goal #2 goes to Peyton. The fans were going wild. Kids were dribbling and passing it up and finally Kaos got some more energy and Peyton scores 2 more goals  Kaos wins 4-2. I was so proud of the girls. Everyone touched the ball and had fun. I was especially proud of my girls. Peyton was an animal on the hunt out there, dribbling, shooting and following her shots. Loved it. Sydney was beast too, she was running the entire field so she could have the ball and never stopping.  Kids all played during the break and sli chatted with parents. We are thinking about getting t shirts for the kids, something to wear at practice with Kaos on them and soccer balls. 
Game 2 vs the killer bunnies. The u8 coordinators team. His team had cool fun matching shirts. Bunnies and blood. Scary!  We sported our winning landpark jerseys. This team was ready for us, and bigger well seasoned girls. It was tough, we were well matched. First half Sydney was in the goal box and she is the beast, comes out to attack the ball, scoop it up and has no fear. I love it. Peyton played defense and I have the other girls chances at forwards and middle. It was like a chess game. No scores but lots of action. Next half jaiden in the box Sydney playing defense and moved Peyton to play middle.  The girl still had her juice. She was beasting through girls and put one in the net.  A few minutes later the KB put one in the net to tie it. With time winding down Peyton. Dribbled through the crowd and hit a cannon through the goal to take us ahead. From there we played great defense and ball and held on for the win. 
Whoop there it is. Kaos on top for the day. Let the kids know how proud I was of them and the parents.  More practice. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch up and never finished

I hate playing catch up but this chaotic lifestyle I chose isn't giving me the time to blog. 
College tours- took Bianca toying CSUS and UC Davis. CSUS was awesome as always. Gorgeous campus with trees and green everywhere.  The well is new there and it's a gym powered by the people working out. Rock walls that's are so cool. A fun lookin climbing gym I'd say. Indoor track, soccer and volleyball. So much fun. The gym has video games. Well like you are the character in the game. Running or whatever.  
Bianca really liked the campus. UC Davis was bigger and not as cool even though they are a cool campus or green by definition it's larger and you need a bike to get around. Cousin Ryan goes there and he says bike everywhere. 

Rear ended - on the way to the tour. Watt and Folsom. Whip lash an Bianca got her lip cut, hit her lip on her phone. And a lil bruise on the outside. The cut was inside. Now stuck doing the whole get ur car fixed. Get ur back fixed. And why do I have numbness in my right leg? It's gone today. Started yesterday. And was strange like my leg was asleep only not so intense. 

Soccer is good. Kaos is coming along.Training with the European coaches was fun got some new games to play and we are working on put passing with inside foot and dribbling around people. Yay for that. Games this Saturday for seeding. So far we have 12. 6 returning players and 6 new to soccer. We have some skills to build and rules to learn and players to make

Monday, August 05, 2013

First practice

So if life wasn't already chaotic, soccer started today for Sydney and Peyton or Land Park Kaos. Yep it's back to coaching for me and I've got two teenage soccer players who are helping for community service. Coach Bianca and Coach Lex... 
Practice is 5-6 and today we arrived at 420 after buying soccer cleats for my girls. They both wanted the Nike but they didn't carry that shoe in Sydney's size 13.5 (they said she's in toddler sizes still) big kids start at size 1.  Peyton wears a size 2.  Check out their awesome kicks
We had 11 girls out of 12 show up and I knew jaiden would be gone and another girl was going to be a new big sister any day so she might miss. I thought it was a good practice. 6 returning players and 6 new to soccer players. It's gonna be a learning season. 
I have my lesson/practice plans made out and we did pretty good sticking to what I wanted to cover but practice was over in the blink of an eye. 
Wednesdays we meet with the trainers and have to bring our own equipment. Practice is at a later time so it will be only me and the team. It's gonna get crazy. 
Anyhow tonight was papas 69th birthday so we headed over after practice with cupcakes. Bianca and Ben would show up around 9. Me and the lil ones got there at 7 and I think we wore papa out. 

I'm ready for bed. Kamren is asleep next to me and in my bed.  I have to be the law, I have to get him back in his room, his bed and going to sleep early. Sleep well

La Porte Camping

Had the most amazing camping trip ever. This was the third camping experience with Sydney, Peyton and Kamren. This one was so good. I figured it would be hard but it was easier than I imagined. 
Probably because we went with uncle Ty tia Amy and Riley. Tent camping no less but we got lucky and had two good air mattresses and out easy up tent.
Uncle Ty put the tents up himself and it was 1045 pm and the sky was almost black. We only Carried down what we needed and left the rest up in the parking lot. 
Slept good the first night but it was really cold. Luckily kam kept my upper body warm, but my legs and feet were cold. 
We are eggs and bacon for breakfast and it was so yummy. The kids played with Ty's cousins kids. 10yro, 8yro, 5yro and 3 yro kam played with Riley and LJ 3yro
They hunted sticks and fire wood and made awesome slings to hold the wood. 
They were awesome. 
We went boating and the girls learned to knee board, an drive the boat. Kam drive too. 

Didn't finish this up yet. Dinner And fires went well. Kam and Riley stayed back. Yay. Running water and flushing toilets made this camp spot a hit.  

Monday, July 08, 2013

Where did the weekend go?

Friday vacation days are the best. Sleeping in...haha that didn't happen. 
Met up with Marea, Laila and Jett for some splash park action. Water and sunscreen check. First on the scene, Sydney, Peyton and Kamren make the water their pal. Cold water and semi warm day makes for lots of smiles and squeals. 
We haven't seen our pals in over a year, but Kam and Jett looked like brothers. Hats low over their eyes, long board shorts, t shirts or muscles popping. Haha. Surfer long style hair with the curl swoop going on. Who would have guessed, now only in they were photogenic. 

Marea picked up fresh organic strawberries and blackberries. The blackberries were sweet like candy and the kids devoured 4 baskets, the adults helped. The strawberries were hit or miss, but my kids eat anything. 
Kamren welcomed out friends with open arms hugging them tight, some high fives and knuckles were going on and then more play and photo ops. 
Someday the iPhone camera doesn't play nice but I managed some shots. I missed others. Haha. 

Mostly the girls played together doing their own thang, bars, ropes, water, hide n seek tag.  

The boys hugged, pushed, swapped hats. Kam was a stinker. He kept stealing  Jett's hat, pulled his hair a couple times and gave one huge push when Jett was standing wrapped in his towel. Not sure if Kam wanted to play, play rough and tough or is just a bully til someone stands up to him.  I gotta watch that boy. 
After Jetty (add the e to all names and they are so cool. I mean Kam tells everyone his name is Kammy or kammie) warmed up and was cheesin for the camera, well Kam did a somersault off the rock they were posing on. He laid there a sec, no cry, no tears... Irritated at the rock I guess...  No more smiles he was serious.
The there were the great shots...

The best days ever include water, smiles, berries and friends. Thanks for a great day

Friday, July 05, 2013

4th of July festivities

The plan to wake up and go see monsters u turned into mr crabby pants throwing a tantrum and acting like a 2 year old. Oh wait. He is 2. Well the terrible 2s are here and this mom wants to get away. So instead of the 6 of us going to the movies, the plan was to drop kam with papa and gma but Ben decided he didn't want to subject his parents to drama. 

So the girls went out front to visit camila and we noticed the whole hood was decorated with flags for 4th of July. The girls all went to paint. Finally kam decided to check the attitude and ride his bike 

Flag shorts and this flag. So patriotic. The girls decided to play in the water with camila and Kam couldn't resist the watermelon and water. 

The plan Bianca had for the day involved going swimming and watching fireworks with her friends, of course Ben didn't want to make more than one trip out that way and so she got an attitude because her friends weren't ready for her til later. Ugh. Things worked out in the end and we dropped her at Kennedy's. they were going to keemas and then Stephan's. so yes I am keeping tabs and she hates me for it now but someday she will look back and know I was right. 
Trip to SAMs and then we met up with the other Avila's for some fun in the heat and fireworks. Close to $400 worth of fireworks that only last an hour or so. I swear we should rethink this. 

Uncle Rudy went all out even watching videos of all the fireworks before choosing his. There were some great ones. Devin held his ears most of the time and Kamren fell asleep with his eyes open. Scary. 

Home way to late and up way to early. This taking Ben to the train is over rated and since soccer practices started we are spending way to much money on gas. We hit Starbucks on the drive home from the choochoo 
We have a play date with my girl Marea and her two kiddos Laila and Jett. Spray park action. I can't wait to see her. Her, josh and the kids moved to Temecula last month. Totally a treat to hang with them. 

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

its the weekend

Saturday night Kamren was burning up, the AC was on blast so I was feeling cool, but Kam was laying agains me and I was heating up.  He woke up in the middle of the night still hot as could be.  So after some temp taking the lil man had a fever.  In the morning he woke up pretty happy, we sat outside and I drank coffee and he played with Kallie.  Checked his head and he was still feverish.  Gave him some Advil and he laid on my lap ready for a nap.  Poor guy.  So hard seeing him not feel well.  I can always see it in his eyes and mood. 

We had a BBQ and swim date for the girls, so Ben ended up staying home with Kam.  Party was great, but I was missing my lil man and it's really hard for me to leave him when he's sick, but hard to deny the girls a good time too.  We swam and and played with Chloe, Lark, Chris, Savannah, Ty, Peyton and Beckham.   Ate yummy food and swam some more.  The kids can't get enough pool time.  We swam almost everyday last week.  Twice at the clubhouse with jackson and Caroline.  The girls are becoming great swimmers, but Kamren still only wants to play in the pool 30 minutes or less.  I'm sure he didn't mind missing the swim/bbq at Hall Haven.  But he would have loved playing with the kiddos. 

Got home later than we anticipated and Bianca had to go to Chicago Fire downtown for Bradeys birthday.  It's hard letting her go all these places, I'd like to believe she's making good choices, but it's hard to know what others are thinking...  She got to go hang out with her friends and celebrate with pizza and dessert.  Bradey gave her a ride home and we only had to stay up til 1130.  Yikes..  I don't know how parents do it.  Not sure how mine managed.  I'm a mess the entire time she's gone.  She's having a great time and I'm like checking my phone constantly to  make sure I didn't miss a text or something.   I guess it will get better.  She is a great kid and I trust that she knows whats right and wrong, but sometimes kids get tired of doing the right thing and want to walk on the wild side, I have a hard time with that.  I still know what it was like being a teenager and things are faster and with all the technology out there....  Keep on making good choices girl.  hard to believe she's gonna be a senior...  Yikes

Monday Kamren was still coughing and feverish, his voice raspy and just not being a big eater.  Tuesday i went to work and Kam went to school.  Sharon said he ate fine, but he didn't eat at home.  I don't know whats up with that.  We went swimming on Tuesday while Bianca was at PT.  The girls loved the pool, but they did fight and argue to much of the time.  Kamren jumped in lots of times, we jumped and swam around, but it wasn't long before he was ready to go home...  We had to wait over an  hour for Bianca and it was too hot to not be in the pool.

it's wednesday and Kamren still isn't feeling well.  So i'm home with him again.  hopefully its not turning into an ear infection, i think i might take him to the dr and him checked out. I love erroring on the side of caution.


Everyone loves the beach.... We couldn't wait to get there.  We left the house at 8 am.  Bank, Starbucks, it was closer to 845 when we were on the freeway and headed to the water.  Toy Story 3 kept the kiddos quiet.  Sydney fell asleep, and we only made one pit stop.  Who doesn't want to hit the Rest Stop.  Pee break took 15 minutes at least - but we beat the heat of Sac Town by an hour or so.  
Mussel Beach was the first stop.  The water was gorgeous, the beach seemed very far away, but it looked to be dog friendly, we didn't have a dog, just the BOB stroller, loaded to the max.  Why are there so many hills, downhill steep wasn't going to be fun going up, oh well.  We passed a few people on the trail to the beach.  Not one said a word..  Hello - family of 5 headed to the sand, large stroller, toddler and lil kiddos.  Got to the end of the dirt road to find lots of large rocks leading to the sand.  Large rocks that the stroller couldn't master and a lot of rocks... so we decided to head back to the highway and hit the next beach and meet up with The Vestals. 
The beach they usually go to was packed, not a parking spot within miles...  I thought it would be good to try the next beach over, it looked nice - Rockaway Beach.  Found a 2 hour spot and grabbed the goodies and almost ran to the sand.  Found a great spot and unpacked.  The water was cold, the sand dark and soft.  Set up was a snap.  Sand blankets, backpacks with fruit and water, sand toys and lots of sunblock.  Kamren was in the sand playing as soon as we got there, trucks and buckets galore.  The girls ran into the waves.  We heart the beach. 
The Vestals showed up a while later and hit the water too.  Everyone had a great time running from crashing waves and walking in the water.  Kamren wasn't a big fan of the water or waves, but he enjoyed the sand.  He hung out with Kevin at the blanket with toys for a lil bit while the girls and Jackson enjoyed the water.  Even I got to splash and jump around. 
The tide was rolling up quickly and after about 3 hours we had to pack up afraid to lose my goodies into the ocean.  I watched a lady and baby sitting on their blanket not paying attention take ocean water up to her boobs... luckily she didn't drop the baby, or lose anything else.  They moved quickly towards the top of the beach. 
After packing up we headed to the Beach Monkey Cafe, hoping for claw chowder.... the 3 minute ride put Kamren to sleep and they didn't offer clam chowder or soup to go... Got a capachinno and decided we could eat greek salad instead.  The lil girls ate turkey sandwiches and Kam slept it off. 
It was a quick ride home with only one potty break again.  Yay.  Back to the hot 107 in Sac.  The AC was on and keepin it cool at home. 
I wished we had gotten more photos, I forgot my camera, and we got a few with iphone.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What a week

I had so much to tell for the week, but got so busy I totally dropped the ball.  I know that on Wednesday.  Velocitys first soccer practice, I got the kids to bed on time...  Well Kamren went to bed earlier than I expected.  I got the three kids into the bathroom at the same time.  Kam went into the tub while I put Sydney and Peyton into the shower.  I got everyone clean in half an hour... Go Mom.  We got teeth brushed, hair brushed and PJs on.  Kamren went to sleep around 645 and then we sat down to read books with the girls before they went to bed and had them into bed by 8.  at 8 the ice cream man rolled through the hood, UGH...  at least the kids stayed in bed and Kamren slept through the music.

So Wednesday was the only day the kids were in bed on time.  I need to come to grips with bedtime in the summer.  I need way more sleep and after a MELT DOWN on Wednesday from Sydney... which i failed to mention...  the girl was screaming, on the ground..  insane for half hour...  we followed that up with swimming with Jackson.  Yes.. I asked myself the same question... why are you rewarding bad behavior.... Well I'm not.. I needed that swim, I needed that away time, and yes Sydney had fun too, but sometimes you have to give and take.  They didn't get to swim the rest of the week and we could have gone on Thursday, but the girls didn't do what I asked them to do... So we skipped swimming on Thursday, but we did hit the gym up.  I got 40 minutes on the eliptical, a lil jog in, and some weights..  Not bad, but swimming would have been icing on the cake...

Friday we missed Soccer camp, Sydney has cleats that fit, but Peyton needs new cleats.  Friday Bianca went to spend the night at McKennas against my best judgement... Leave our house after 9 pm and then have to pick her up on Saturday at 11..  UGH.  We decided to take Kamren for a lightrail ride to Folsom, he loves the train, but wasn't nearly as excited about getting onto it.  The trip was fast, and then we walked around old Folsom, Kamren walked and we held hands, he was on super good behavior..  I was thrilled.  We stopped off at the lil cafe and had gelato.. chocolate hazelnut..  YUM

When we got home Ben and I went to see World War Z, it was pretty good.  I wanted Bianca to go too, but we needed a sitter, so she was stuck, next time. 

Sunday we took Kamren to Oak Creek BMX to race..  We were so excited.  His eyes got big when he saw the track and he couldn't wait to get on his bike and go.  i thought it would be easier to take pictures and get video.  It was not.  the people in charge were not very helpful, but I asked another lady walking around and she showed us the part of the track that striders do, she was very nice, helpful and she cheered Kamren on.  He raced a bigger kid, probably 4 years old, the kid had practiced on Thursday, so he's ahead of Kamren.  We did several practice runs on the track and Kamren only fell once.  He went down a couple really big scary hills, I was impressed.  he has no fear, scares me...  They did a lap race together for practice and then the actual race...  Kamren got smoked I think...  haha..  Kamren had so much fun, he was smiling and he was cruising the hills, like he had no place else to be or go..  funny....  he did great though...  he only fell one time and it was after the scary hill and not during the race..  I was proud...  He got a 1st place trophy.  I guess he was first in his class 2 year olds... LOL  the other kid was first in his class 4 year olds...  okay, so he got a trophy and won, even if his second place or last place got him there...  I'm ready to go back.. so is Kam.... 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Off to a quince party. We are totally late for the mass...what's new. It's Ben, me, Sydney and Peyton.  Bianca didn't want to come since its not her friend. It's my friends daughter. I'm bummed because I wanted to bring Kamren too. He was so upset that he didn't get to come. There are going to be tons of kids his age and older. I'm sure he would have had a blast dancing and playing with the kids. Ben thinks he doesn't behave well enough, but how will he ever learn of he doesn't get to experience?  
I admit he doesn't act well in church most Sundays. He wants to play, sing and run around. Guess churches need more of the nursery-kid rooms where parents can go w lil ones. 
We could have skipped mass and went to the after party. I know he would have enjoyed that but instead he's home with Bianca. She's probably still fuming because I didn't let her sleep over at mckennas with Morgan. 
I did let her go with Morgan to hang out w Ben and Jason at Bens house. I had to stay awake and drive to pick her up at 1130. Not fun at all. 
Do you think she even appreciated it or said thank you?  Nope. 

Traffic says we are late and I think we will be there about 230. Guess I should have said mass was at 130. We might have made it on time. 

Peyton just asked me why didn't I get a job on tv???  And Sydney just told me I should quit my job and work at six flags so I could take then to work with me everyday.  I think I struck out on all at bats. 
Hoping I can get new lenses for my favorite sunglasses today... After mass

Mass went off w/o a hitch if you call me taking both kids to the bathroom during the short mass. Sydney went first and 3 minutes later I took Peyton. Afterwards I caught up with Delila and her lil man Adrian. So sweet and cute. 
Hit the mall to check out lenses for my sunglasses, I have to order them online. So I hope if I order them the Oakley place will put them in...  
We were on time for the party. I caught up a lil bit with my friends. We ate carnitas salad rice beans Mexican feast. There was a candy bar with lots of sweet treats. Cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, a chocolate fondu waterfall with marshmallows, strawberries, and rice krispe. Jars of jelly bellies, gummibears, Swedish fish.... Sweetness. 
The waltzes were good but we left about 8, had to get home to Bianca and Kamren 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy happy fun day

At the pool. Last swim lesson of the session. All the kids were super excited. Even Kamren, of course he just wanted to see Emma and jump into the pool. We sang motorboat motorboat with Sydney and Peyton's swim group.  We sang 3 lil monkeys, and we did the hokie pokie too. Go team avila. 
Bianca came to the pool to take some pictures on the phone. Yay I was excited that she was gonna get some swim shots. 
After lessons Emma posed with Kamren for photos. Bianca swore she took 4, but there were Zero posed photos. She did get a couple candid shots. I really wanted a portrait style photo of Kam and Emma, his first crush.  Oh well. Here is what I got. 

Yesterday night the kids played home run derby with Caleb. Sydney was the champ with 5 home runs. Afterwards the kids rode bikes for awhile. Kamren was on a roll, he was going down the driveways fast and also down the steps like his sisters. While gliding around the street, Caleb was rising fast and right towards Kamren, instead of putting on the brakes or going around Kam, he crashed right into Kam. He ended up with a tire tread burn on his side and under his armpit. I cleaned it up and put neosporin on it last night and again today.  This is it now

Looks way better now. Well dueces- I'm outta here 

Swim photos

So these pics are from tonight. But I can't get them moved to the bottom. Peyton is at the bottom

Finally got Ben to take a couple pictures of Kam in the water. I'd really like a couple good photos but since Ben won't get in the water with Kamren that leaves me as the only interested party.  Ben can't seem to grasp the concept of photo taking either so he won't use my camera and I can barely get him to take a phone photo. Hopefully today I can get a photo of Kamren and Emma. It would be a shame to not have one for the blog and so we can document his first crush.  But for Tuesdays this is what I have.  

Yes Wednesday Ben didn't manage to pull his phone out once to get a picture but a few times for other things probably talking to his boyfriend Michael.  

Lessons were packed again since the weather is nicer again. Kam can be found jumping from the side of the pool, doing superman arms and kicking his feet, occasionally going underwater and growling.  Where are the monster arms that go with the monster growl?  Sleeping I guess. 

Sydney and Peyton are swimming up a storm. Strokes improving every time they get in the pool. The coaches miss brooklyn and miss layla both said the girls could have been in sea otters instead of guppies and next session for sure. Good to know. The girls really liked their swim coaches. They want to join the swim team next year.