Thursday, June 01, 2006

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday in the Park

Saturday Night my brother brought my nephew Patrick over - LATE... he was supposed to drop him off at six, but he didn't drop him off til almost eight... yeah I was not happy with Josh. Patrick is five... he was ready to go to bed by 830... Bianca managed to keep him awake til ten...

We woke up early for church. Bianca helped Patrick get ready, she was his hairstylist. It was cute. I had the luxury of getting myself and two babies ready. Yeah, you think daddy could get one baby ready... NOT

Sydney slept during most of church, Peyton nursed and slept. Miranda, Ty and Nami showed up.... I guess I can scratch the head and shoulders off my list for her. After church we went to Hoppy Brewing Co for was yummie... get this... kids eat for .99 on sundays and mondays (I didn't know this). After breakfast, the waitress said they were doing a promotion and each adult entree came with a bottle of beer to take home... guess what... Miranda took all the beer ~pouts~ Okay, I don't drink a lot of beer. 1 - I'm nursing 2 - I just don't have time to drink 3 - I'm nursing and these babies are enough to drive me to drink

From church we went to Miranda's and hung out. The girls played in the bedroom and Ty was supposed to be playing xbox with Patrick, only he wanted to play with Ben more... and then when he finally gave Patrick a remote.... he kept playing one player (even though the game was two player) He was so not nice. Patrick kept asking Ty to let him play... it was pathetic...

Finally we left for the park. The girls messed around at the park for a lil while, then we played a version of baseball... okay pitch and hit. It was fun to watch Ben hit the ball really far and the boys chase after it. If Ty would get to the ball first, Patrick would grab him and they would both tumble to the ground. If Patrick got to the ball first... that meant that Ty was to tired to run after the ball at all. If Bianca got the ball first - it was no fair.... After they got tired of letting Ben hit the ball... I pitched to them. They got three hits or three strikes, which ever came first. They both struck out a few times.... Ty would cry... But they were all smiles when they were hitting the homeruns... I'm an awesome pitcher... I gave up at least ten home runs to them.

The babies slept almost the entire time at the park. I was glad we left when we did.... because Sydney cried for half of the walk back to Miranda's. We hung out for a lil while... and Ty actually let Patrick play video games with him. Nami and Bianca played dress up and chess club....

I forgot my camera at home, I was sad. I would have loved to get some pictures while we were out enjoying the sunshine.