Friday, May 27, 2011


It is official. Kamren is sleeping through the night. I never thought I would have said that this early on, but Kamren must love his sleep, and he's not even sleeping in his own room. He's still sleeping right next to me in the co-sleeper, but when I put him down between 10 &10:30, he's out til 4:30, but today he slept til it was almost 6.... Yep.... it felt amazing... and he woke up in such a great mood, lots of smiles, and talking... I love our conversations.

Oops.  i forgot to post this.  So lets see... Kamren slept thru the night until we went to San Francisco (that's an upcoming post)  We are back home again today 6.7.11 and he slept better last night..  10 to 4 am... then got up at 6 am again....

Kamren's Reception after the Baptism

The after party was huge.  All my family turned out and a bunch of our friends.  We had Tamales - enough said.  Grandma, Papa and Bianca make the best tamales ever.  Everyone loved them.

So many new faces and I didn't miss a beat.  It was my happy day.  I went from person to person, smiled and coo'd, I was awake almost the entire reception and my first party was a hit.  I'm looking forward to many more parties. 

it was a special day and i wore the same outfit that my dad wore at his baptism, i looked good.

Here are a few faces with me:

Michelle and Sydney

Dominic the green gobblin

Ben and the gang

Party on

mom and shannon

the baptism boy

me and my papa

great grandma and me

me and courtni

mama and me

mom, leanne and me

me and aunt amy

Sadie, mom, nicola, peyton and coach donnie

my nino and me

Kamren's Baptism

May 15th @ 930 - the big day.  My parents picked some really good God Parents for me - Uncle Michael & Michelle.  I've spent quite a few nights cuddled up to the both of them, they really love tummy time too, who would have guess grown up liked tummy / back time.
Uncle Michael, Kamren, Sydney & Michelle

iphones are the best, yes I'm savy
My soon to be nina

my familia with Father Ken

My Familia

Mom, Dad, Me