Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday's Open House

Today was an early day for Bianca, so it was an early day for the rest of us too. Sydney and Peyton didn't sleep in today, so I got to wake up about 730. The girls were all smiles this morning, we played until they got tired and then they drifted off for a lil while - gave me time to update the blog and get ready for the day. Bianca got out of school at 1220 today, so the girls and i took a ride (i was hoping to get them to fall asleep before I got to the gym). The babies stayed awake. When we got to the gym, Sydney was asleep, but Peyton was wide awake. I nursed her a lil bit and then her and Bianca hung out while Sydney slept and I rode the bike. I did fifteen minutes and then Syd woke up. I put her in the swing and we talked, she was happy. I rode five minutes with Peyton before moving onto the machines. I did the machines and then took Sydney on a five minute bike ride too... Bianca was anxious to get outta the gym, she was bored.... ~rolls eyes~

We got home and everyone was sleepy (me and the babies). We took a nap. Now we're getting ready for Open House.

Thursday at the Governors Mansion

Today was the day Bianca got her Heritage Essay Award at the Governors Mansion. There were lots of kids being acknowledged. Bianca and Madison were the two fourth graders from her school to get the awards. I took a few pictures during the ceremony. After the cake and punch we took a tour of the lower level of the Governors Mansion. Bianca really enjoyed it. She's looking forward to going back for the entire tour of the mansion.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

work out weigh in

I went to Sutter Pregna Gym today... My sister (AMY), Sydney and Peyton enjoyed the air conditioned gym for a lil while. Sydney and Peyton looked like wine o's sitting on Tia's lap while mama hit the weights and rode the bike. I thought I was just signing up... but I ended up working out... I wore my adidas flips... I will be wearing tennis shoes from now on. It felt awesome to work out. They even have yoga. I'm gonna try and get myself back into the yoga thing. I know it's not gonna be anything like the Bikram Yoga I'm used to doing. (well used to do a couple years ago). I'm hoping Brandy will start going to the sutter pregna gym too.. I'm sure Jack will enjoy hanging out with Bianca, Sydney and Peyton.

After the work out we went to Sutter to weigh the girls.

Sydney weighed in at 13 lbs 14.7 oz
Peyton weighted in at 12 lbs 1.3 oz

those are after nursing weights. Syd took 3 oz and Peyton took 2 oz.

Party on

Matthew gives Sydney a Kiss
Matthew gives Peyton a Kiss
at the pool


Peyton, Papa and Bianca
Bianca and Andrew
Andrew giving Sydney a kiss

Mothers Day

I got some great cards for mothers day. I always enjoy the cards from the kids, Ben always writes their names on the characters... this card had six lil birds in a nest... so even Brandie and Jada (the dogs) got to be a part of the card. It was very sweet. Daddy's card was up next... he was being so secretive about it the night before.... to my surprise he got a fun card, also bird themed... a singing telegram - "with sweet love and devotion.... I wanna stop and thank you baby.... how sweet it is to be loved by you" very cool I was stoked.

I kid you not... he gave me the same exact card three years in a row - but it was an anniversary card.... I'm wondering if I'll get it again this year ~lmao~

We made the rounds. We went to my parents first, hung out for a lil while. the pool was looking sparkling clean and calling our names... I'm looking forward to taking a dip soon. They are in the middle of remodeling so to speak... they've got some painting to do... My dad's business is flourishing right now, they've got lots of work and he's trying to get some more crews out working. He's realy excited. He stopped smoking about a month ago... I'm really proud of him, he's been smoking for probably close to thirty years. Keep up the good work dad. Anyhow the babies had lots of fun, laughing and smiling with Nana and Papa. After that we went to visit Papa and Grandma. We hung out and played some more... the babies were on a roll, they were tired from the day before, I think they slept lots. we BBQ'd and went back home to relax.


Friday night we wanted to go to sleep early... that didn't work out. I finally got the babies to sleep around midnight, I climbed right into bed and I was out quickly, Bianca was sleeping with me... she was kicking, and then at 2:39 Peyton woke up, I wandered out to the livingroom and nursed her, I fell asleep for a few minutes, then I put her back in the co sleeper and took Sydney out to nurse her. I was back in bed by 330. Then Peyton woke up at 530, I nursed her, then crawled back into bed wiht Sydney, I slept while she nursed, or dozed off. I was up at 600 getting ready for the race. Didn't take long to get ready, nursed the babies a lil bit before my sister arrived at 700 (late)... we hit starbucks for a fix.. of course mine was decaf... amy tasted it.. she didn't like it... we parked at Mervyns, the street was crazy - we walked about half a mile to get to the race. There were so many people, it was amazing to see everyone come together like that. We got to do a cool workout before the race started, we had lots of fun. Bianca made fun of us as we got our groove on. The babies enjoyed the morning air. Sydney slept most of the time and Peyton was awake. Next year we're gonna try and run, I'll have the jogging stroller by then, and won't be worrying about feeding the babies. We had snacks after the race and headed home.

Andres first communion party. We hit the party about 1130. Bianca was all dressed up to go, brand new dress, then she decided to wear shorts because ben and I didn't want to get dressed up. It was HOT... and we were going swimming after the party. It was really HOT at the party. We got our grub on. The babies enjoyed the party, moving from relative to relative.. but spending most of the time with Papa and Grandma... I was just the milk machine... at uncle rafa's the kids all swam. the pool was warm, I almost wished I brought my suit.. almost... the babies dipped their toes in the water, they didn't like it much. we hung out til six... I was beat down tired by the time we got home...