Thursday, April 03, 2008

A New Avila Boy

Devin Ricardo

born at 12:44 am weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long- he's the only baby closing in on Bianca's 8 lbs 2 oz. he has ten fingers and ten toes. very long ones at that. Tia Andria is resting -not really, but she's doing well. 15 minutes of pushing. a quick cut of the ambilical cord, it was around Devin's neck and he was out even gave a nice cry.

Here are few pics

Congratulations Tia Andria, Tio Rudy, Big Bro Dominic & Big Bro Donovan

Park Pictures

Sunday, March 30, 2008

lil surprise

Friday I met my friend Julie and her daughter Jaqui for lunch at Rollie Cafe - it's French - the people are friendly and loud, but it was a lot of fun. Great company, yummie food, and the service was enchanting.... I got a salad with bagette and brie. Tastey.

I tried to make Friday night an early night... but it never happens that way. The kids drop off to bed by 9 and then somehow I never get to sleep til close to midnight.

Saturday I got the girsl fed and fresh diapers before I took off for a massage, it was so nice to get away from everything for a couple of hours and be pampered. I'm ready for another one already.
I got home just in time to make sure the girls had a busy Saturday. Bianca had an indoor soccer game, we left Sydney and Peyton at grandma and papa's house for about 90 minutes, then we picked them up and headed to a birthday party @ Tahoe park - for one of Bianca's teammates. We ate carnitas - yummie... I ended up taking the girls over to the playground. they love the slides and swings. I didn't bring my camera, not that I would have gotten many pictures, its a lil hard to watch two kids who like to go in different directions and snap photos... We played for almost 2 hours... sliding, chasing each other, crawling through tubes and swinging. There was only two ouchies... both on Sydney. First she was running on the sidewalk and tripped, scraping her nose and upper lip, cutting her bottom lip... it was messy... some blood and tears... but no sweat.. 10 minutes later Sydney was going down the rollerslide and her finger got stuck when she was at the bottom trying to get down, it wasn't bad.. no blood, no tears...

now the pictures... Last night after putting the girls to bed... Ben and I started watching a movie - We Own The Night - by 1115 I was falling asleep so I snuck off to bed. I always check on the girls before going to sleep, gotta kiss them goodnight one more time and cover them up... This is what I saw...

Sydney was diaperless... and we're pretty glad Peyton wasn't... but she managed to give herself a thong diaper... a poopy one at that..... GROSS... and the poop was like clay & stuck on good.

Both girls ended up waking up while we redressed them and cleaned Peyton up.

Some more pics from the bath this morning.

Bubble butt
Look at the great scribbling Peyton did - I love those bathtub crayons. Of course I think it gives children the idea... that they can write on anything
Look My Toes