Monday, May 20, 2013


So Bianca hurt her knee at practice one day a few weeks ago. Yep same knee. I know what you're thinking.  Rest that baby and ice up. Yep I was thinking the same thing. Well ya make it into the playoffs and the adrenaline is pumping and you wanna play and as a parent you wanna see your kid succeed.  Well rest one playoff game. (I think she did). Maybe she played a half of a half instead, cuz it was senior night. Ya she played a few minutes....  Okay back into the playoffs and she was resting that knee and they advance. And we get a long drive to Benicia and dad decides to skip the game.  Mom drives and plays taxi to McKenna and Emily...  It was actually fun and I would do it again. 
Benicia. It's gorgeous and a lil chilly for shorts and a t shirt. Borrowers Ben millers blanket and jacket. Way to go Kristie. 
Game is going well... McKenna scores a nice one an we are leading up to the end and well Benicia puts a goal in the net and theres a few minutes on the clock and what.... Luis calls on Bianca.  I'm sure...she was sitting the bench with her swollen hurt knee minding her own business. Deep down yes I wanted to see her play, see her score one.  I am a mom and a fan. Duh.  But all I kept thinking is.  She's gonna get hurt more, she's gonna be done...  Or she's gonna score. Woohoo and we will win.  Okay well time plays out and we get two 10 minutes halves instead.  Pks. We totally had it. I know Bianca could put that bad boy in the back of the net. 
Back to the game. Bianca goes in for like 5 minutes. She does well enough passing the ball and giving folks a shot. No goal no assist but she takes a ball to the chin, jawline and comes out.  A minutes later Benicia scores... Juke and around one and beats another, no one gets back... GOL. Next 10 min and Benicia scores again.  Well eagles ha a good run.  
The way home was great... We stopped off for dinner and pizookis. Just the two of us. It was fun.  Taking photos, flash failures and eating pizza n icecream w cookie. 
Fast forward to Bianca wants to play tennis.... First practice and she twists her knee just standing there. She said it hurts worse than the first time she hurt it. Yep. I'm worried now. 

May 18th

Happy anniversary. Can't believe it's been 17 years of waking up next to this fun loving, makes me laugh like crazy, handsome man. He is everything and more than what I imagined and wished for as a little girl. He is the best dad ever to our kiddos and I'm so proud to call him my hubby. Ok sure we have our disagreements and meltdowns but I wouldn't trade him in for a million bucks or a newer model. Here is to another 17+ years of marriage.