Friday, April 21, 2006

Peyton and the giants


Ten weeks and they finally got the shots.... the dreaded 4 shots, 2 in each thigh. Wow, it hurt me while I was being the spectator - daddy held Peyton's legs... then I had to hold Sydney, it wasn't fun. We couldn't get Sydney to wake up.... but the needles in the legs, that did it... She jerked to the side, luckily I had a good hold on her legs. They both screamed... it didn't take to long to calm them down... but when we put them back in the carseats, the crying began. We got home and Peyton and I slept in my bed. Sydney was fast asleep in the carseat. Peyton woke up an hour later and nursed, then Sydney woke up and nursed, we did the sideline so I got to sleep a little bit extra. About 8 o clock Peyton woke up screaming... I picked her up and she continued, I changed her diaper and the crying didn't faulter, I tried to nurse her, no deal, I tried the binkie but she kept shooting it out. I tried to hold her, rock her, comfort her... the crying continued for 35 minutes, she'd stop long enough to catch her breath and begin again... it was so sad, I felt helpless.... I was just glad that Sydney slept through it all. Finally Peyton nursed about five minutes and fell back asleep. Sydney woke up about 9 and nursed, she was a lil fussy but nothing like her sister... I was afraid they were going to be screaming all night... I was lucky, they were fine at the next waking.