Monday, May 08, 2006


Thursday Shannon, Jill and Stella came by for lunch. It was so good to see them. Shannon and Mike and Stella moved to Denver back in August. We keep in touch through emails and the telephone. It's kinda cool having rriends in another state, but it kinda sucks too. We enjoyed hanging out with them when they were in Sac. Of course they were only in Sac for a short time. They were in Washington DC before that. They like to move around - the gypsies... ~winks~ I think Stella enjoyed the babies, she was thinking they looked like her, (no hair) but they wouldn't get outta the swings except to be held. Stella kept showing the babies her belly button, it was cute. I'm sure she wondered why they weren't showing their belly buttons off. I enjoyed visiting with Shannon and Jill. Hopefully we'll get together again when Mike comes into Sac, if not before that. Here's a couple pics

Stella strikes a pose
Jill, Sydney and Stella
Shannon, Peyton and Stella

Two of a kind

Sydney loves the giants

Peyton loves the giants

tres amigos