Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I ❤ these faces

Girl drama

Wow why does drama and girls go hand in hand. I'm sure it's not only my girls but there is so much competitiveness in this house and not always in a good way I suppose.
I wish my kids were nicer to each other. Sydney is always calling Peyton ugly. So not nice. I think all my kids are beautiful, and it's not just me thinking that. I know my kids are smart and kind most of the time but when it comes to each other,!lets just say the gloves are off again
New rule: when you say something mean you must say three nice things about that person to that person. Face to face

Older girl drama. Damn prom news. Last night I went to lay with Bianca before bed and snuggle. She said that Kennedy asked nick to prom and he said no. Then Jenny (Ks mom) told Kennedy to make a sign asking nick and a photo album and letter. What the hell... Then drove her to nicks house and talked to nick herself. Can you say embarrassing. Poor Kennedy was crying. I think I would too.
More prom news. So I guess JF is a no go. There could be many reasons why and I don't wanna speculate. I already have. So now Bianca wants to go with Donnie Hibbs, football player and mr comedy himself. She said that he always makes her laugh and what more could a girl ask for right??? Haha. She said Michael is awkward and Nick lacara is well she didn't really say cept that he snapchats her a hundred times. When did snapchats start to suck

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mud factor fun mud race

Second race in the mud for Bianca and I but we teamed up with my sister Amy, and my girls Diane, Sandra, Liz and her husband. So glad we had one man run with us cuz it wasn't your grandmas mud run. Haha. Leann and Judy backed out, but there is always another run around the corner.
So we got there and got hyped before the noon call to run. We started off near the front and at an easy jog first obstacle was a huge mud and water filled hole. Amy went straight up the gut and everyone else made way thru. Only I couldn't see Amy anymore and I heard people yelling that people lost shoes. Ya. So I stood on the sideline as folks ran by us finally spotted Amy getting her shoe from the mud pit and getting it back on.
The race is on and half our team ditched us so time to make it up double time. A few more mud filled streamed and Bianca takes Amy out into the mud and slime. Yep liked like two teenagers wrestling around. Ok let's triple time to catch up an we did. Hell ya I love that. Next obstacle was a huge wall you had to slither under like a snake. In the slippery mud and a ditch of water but not clean, it was gross. More mute puddles of shin high sticky mud. Run run. Oh ya there was this big reminded me of a train car that was lodged into the mud. We had to get up over that. No easy feat for someone with not enough upper body strength. With some help I got up and pulled my water logged ass over. Big jump into the mud pit and off to the races we went.
My least favorite obstacle was this huge slippery wall that was @45 degree angle and about 7 feet high. People were making human ladders to get up. Sandra went up first climbing up with a lil push and then me. Well at the top there was no easy way to brace yourself of get over. The other side consisted of two by fours set far apart and the angle it hit the top of the obstacle was pointy. The top is lined with men and women trying to help others up and so we got the BIL up and folks start grabbing us to get up but we aren't secure so we are sliding down and trying to regain our spot on the wall using every once of strength we have. Not much. Haha. That obstacle took ten minutes at least. I hurt my shoulder hanging on.
Running through slippery mud trails I hit the ground hard a couple times. I needed cleats. Haha. We slid down hard packed mud hills and the climbed up and over cargo nets like the military does. Those were about 15 feet high or more. Then we climbed over 6 ft walls with no ropes or anything. Walked over wet beams and pools of mud. There were trenches to climb inane out of and tunnels too. Yay mud. The next hardest obstacle was the 30 ft wall and you had to use a rope with knots to get over. That was scary. My favorite part was the huge slip n slide. They put soap on you and down you went. Me and Amy went at the same time and it was fast and cool. Bianca got a huge push and was like a rocket. Fun stuff. Wish there were more slides. My least favorite parts were the military crawls under the wire n the mud. We did that a few times and they were long obstacle. I got some scrapes and cuts on my knees from random rocks. We made it, we had a blast and I'm ready for another.

Half days

Friday was my annual family practitioner appt. not sure I have these but after a blood work up and routine questions I was found to have good cholesterol, no diabetes and everything else was good. Hot flashes and all. So I got to start work a lil late and leave work a lil early and that makes any work day worth it

Picked the lil ones up and raced home in anticipation of Bianca, jacks and Kennedy coming home to get ready for the soccer game vs rancho... And hear about the HS days events. B informed me that she checked out her locker to make sure it was safe and then started textin MK to let him know up front she wasn't sure she wanted to go to prom. Ok girl wants to go to prom and first choice is JF. Anyhow MK said he ain't trippin and if she wants to go let him know cuz he wanted to get a limo. Nice call bro. Celt I don't imagine him talkin like that. Oh well I still see that five year old toe head kid

Soccer game was a 2-0 win for the eagles and I took turns with be watching the game and walking up and down the bleachers with Kamren. We also had some police action with helicopters and that made Kamren happy as could be. We walked around the field and played on the giant hills, Sydney and Peyton and kam were pretending to be mountain climbers which required pulling themselves using roots,grass, and rocks up the side of the mountain and then Sliding down. Fun and entertaining for all. Jake Klinger came over to play with the girls. Kam also found a big toad who turned into the life of the party.

Bianca went home with Kennedy to shower and pick the boys up for the twirp dance. Got a couple not very good photos taken and headed to the dance. They said it was lame and that was $20 wasted if you ask me. Jenny (Kennedy's mom) picked the kids up early and they went back to her house for ice cream, beef jerky n cupcake cravings oh n pitch perfect. So they hung out with movies.