Thursday, August 24, 2006


Saturday and Sunday we were at the FairOaks Soccer Tourney.... we lost one, tied one and won one..... The Big Rage got first place... What a long weekend... Grandma came to game one. Papa, Grandma, Tia Amy, Tyler (amy's new beau), and Nana came to game two... Sunday Nana came to the game....and they won.... Go Nana....

Bianca started school on Monday, and so a new routine emerges. We've had a 'wake up it's the first day of school tradition - since kindergarten' So we did that on Monday morning and Bianca is always so pleasant when I wake her up like that... so I did it Tuesday and Wednesday too.... I made her lunch and breakfast and her and daddy headed for Kelsie's house - she's still catching a ride with them. It's a wonderful thing.

The babies woke up early and decided to play, my sister came over to help with the babies on my first day back to crazy. We hit the gym and then came home to play with babies. The girls are sitting up really well now, Sydney loves doing Down Dog (yoga pose) I think they'll be crawling soon, or scooting around. They are rolling all over the place. Except at Yoga and the gym, they like to stay on their blankie.

Tuesday it was just me and the girls and the dreaded 6 month shot series... Daddy met us there. The girls did wonderful, they cried for a minute and were fine. We missed Yoga and going to the gym because the babies were a lil tired after getting shots, so we went to visit papa and grandma.

Sydney is 17 lbs 3 oz (75%), 26 height (50%), head 17 (50%)

Peyton is 16 lbs 11 0z (50%), 26 3/4 height (89%), head 16 3/4 (50%)

Wednesday was a slow day, we got moving late because Tuesday night Peyton decided to be a night owl while Sydney went to bed early.. so mama stayed up way to late and didn't get enough rest. Daddy came home at lunchtime and I took a quick shower. YEAH - then I went to the gym... met up with my sister just in time to pick Bianca up from school and go to The Big Spoon (37th and J) Yummie Frozen Yogurt. Darice was going to the Fair with her hubby and stopped by to park her car at the house. We got a lil visit in and the babies enjoyed seeing a new face. Then off to a soccer scrimmage we went. Fun Fun, there were lots of bugs and the babies weren't happy. i wasn't happy either - i hate bugs.

Thursday was a nice day, we played lots in the morning in between morning naps. Picked Bianca up at 120 and headed for Yoga and the gym... Had the best workout... the babies all played in the center of class - it was Luke, Renne, Owen, Lana, Madilyn, Sydney, Peyton, Seth, Graciella, Juliet and Charlie. We missed Jonah. the kids all enjoyed playing together and I didn't have fussy babies so I almost got a full yoga session in... almost.. Peyton got really tired and needed some lovin... nursed babies and then hit the gym.... Peyton slept a whole five minutes before she was ready to play again. Sydney, Luke, Owen and Peyton played some more.

Tomorrow we leave for the Castro Valley Tourney. We're gonna get a visit in with great grandma and hopefully Aunt Roxann, Uncle Rick, Ryan and Zach. It's gonna be another busy weekend.... Uncle Michael is gonna grace us with his presence too.... It's his birthday and he's gonna spend it with his favorite cousins... okay he probably just pretends we're his favorite, he's buttering us up for something... It will be nice to see him.

I bought the best blackberries at Trader Joes... YUMMIE