Saturday, February 17, 2007


Sydney getting her breathing treatment
"Mama, I can do it myself"

"Looks like smoke"

Sick Babies

Peyton wears the fishy mask
Sydney helps Peyton with the pipe
Mama holds the smokin pipe for Peyton
Sydney and Peyton are our lil sick girls. Sydney has two ear infections, and a crazy cough. Peyton has the beginning of an ear infection and her cough is getting better. They are taking breating treatments and antibiotics. Here are a few funny pictures of them with the fish mask

Go Giants

" I prefer this pink thing in my mouth, not on my head"
"I'm in jail and she's makin me wear this big hat"
"Please let me out, I'll stop smokin"
..and now for my second trick
"Amy stop touching my hat"

Amy, get your hand off my hair, I'm gonna bite you

Little Giant Fan

"How'd she get out"
me me me

"I'll keep my hat on"

On turning one

February 6th - we turned one. Mom, dad and sister gathered some of our friends and family for a fiesta. We got these really fancy party dresses and we danced the afternoon away, okay mostly we walked around, chasing our cousins, running from our cousins and trying to get away from the singing fools.

eating cherrios while they set up

more more more

papa and peyton

Sydney and Donovan steppin it up

" the bow is almost outta my hair, DJ, come grab it"

mama and sydney


Hey, where did she go?Baby Cakes
Let's get this party started

it's my party

Backrow Standing: Athena, Ty
Middlerow: Bianca, Peyton, Andrew, Vanessa, Gabriella, Emma, Sydney
Floor: Mia, Matthew, Alexander, Dominic, Kalyn, Donovan

picture time

Sydney and yogee mama
Waves to the camera
Sydney and Tia
Peyton gettin her walk on

Present time

peyton and sydney
daddy and peyton
peyton, sydney and kalyn

sydney eating tissue paper