Monday, December 27, 2010

Photoshoot - sneak peak

I was hoping to have all of the pictures from the photoshoot, so I could make some Christmas Cards to send out..... I guess Santa got me mixed up with someone else... and instead of a CD full of beautiful pictures... I got coal in my stocking.... So the pictures are on the way... the cards will be in the making....

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A visit with Santa


We met up with the Wild Things (D3, cousins) for some Santa photo's. There was coloring, yummy snacks and a private room with Santa, can't beat that.
Dominic, Peyton & Sydo

Sydo + DJ say cheese

The 3 Wild One's & Mama
Peyton said Santa's beard smelled like Vanilla

Donovan, Peyton, Santa, Sydney & Dominic

Jolly Girls & Saint Nick

The Avila's

The Party

Merry Christmas

Holiday Fun Pictures

Never to dressed up for soccer

Belly Pictures 27 weeks & 26 weeks

My three girls kissing Kamren or my belly

Thanksgiving blessings!

Sydney kissing the belly

I Heart You

Peyton kissing the belly

Run to Feed the Hungry

This year we headed off in the 26 degree weather for a beautiful walk around Sac town. Peyton didn't want to wake up early for the walk, and decided to sleep in. Bianca was running with the St Francis girls, that left Me and Amy to push Sydney in the stroller.... and I 'm not talking the jogging stroller, oh how I wished it would have fit into my SUV.

Sydney is ready

Close up

Kristie, Bianca, Peyton, Amy


We are the Champions