Saturday, April 11, 2009

On the Road to Pismo Beach

Peyton shows Don some love
Sydney's got some love
Peace & Love Friends
Bianca & Sherri
Bianca & Jordie
Peyton, Jordie, Sydney
I <3> Peyton is ready to go to the beach
Bianca & the Legend
Peyton is cleaning Don's bike
mirror mirror...
I like the tiger cat
breakfast of champions
the big move
We are already planning a trip to Pismo. Every other day Sydney and Peyton ask when we are going to Sherri's beach. I'm already having Sherri withdrawals, so it's time to start planning a trip. I heard Cinco De Mayo is going to be crazy in Pismo.. not a scene for the babies, but I'm sure we'll get up there soon to have some fun in the sun. - we miss ya

Sunday, April 05, 2009

How cute are they?

Sydney & Peyton

Look Mom - No Hands
Our favorite thing to do these days, a stroller ride with otter pops.

Check out our new Samba's, we're ready to play soccer.

Saturdays are always long

Rise & Shine 8 am. On the road by 9. By 930 we were watching Amy & Kelly compete @ a horse show. Not really sure what it's called. Events. We only caught two, but I snapped some shots of Amy riding Clay and Kelly riding Grace.

@ Noon, we were at Fantastica .... or something like that for our Nephew - Baby Devin's 1st birthday. Sydney and Peyton love Devin, they always say he is their baby. they lavish him with kisses and hugs and I'm sure he can't wait til he can run away. The kids ran around like circus animals, ate Tamales and cake. The time flew.

3 pm a Tamale party across the street, a meet and greet in the neighborhood, YOU HAVE NEW NEIGHBORS. It was fun, lasted til 6. I snuck out around 4 to run downtown - a quick visit to Margaret and then the Naked Lounge. Home by 530. Sydney and Peyton played with Sebastian (5) and Alex (3). Bianca took candid shots of the 16 year old boy (Sebastian's brother). yes, its time to lock her in the dungeon now.

Shannon, Mike, Stella, Diego and Gabriela came by for dinner - Pizza, Salad, Soccer, Basketball - kids playing in the park. They used to come over every weekend, then all of a sudden it stopped... Really they got way to busy, we understand that... but it's nice having them around again. The kids all seem to enjoy themselves. Mike and Ben do lame boy stuff while Shannon and I do all the fun stuff.

8 pm, kids are settling down - did i mention there was no napping going on. A round of showers for the girls. A round of shots for the adults. (just kidding) Somewhere around 930 everyone was knocked out.

Here's what I got. Not sure what's up with my photography, but I had way to many blurred shots. Ben.... I think I need a new lens.
Kelly on Grace
Amy on Clay
Kelly/Grace Amy/Clay

Happy Birthday Devin

Kalyn, Andrew, Matthew

Bianca, Dominic, Sydney

Devin & Peyton

Devin & Sydney


Baby Luke

Tia saves Peyton

DJ's puttin on the moves

Peyton grooves

Bianca & Sydney

Group Shot

Bianca Poses

Santa Cruz

I keep trying to find time to post and get this blog updated.... I'm weeks behind.
Here are some pictures from our Sunday (a week ago) trip to Santa Cruz. We - Ben, Me, Bianca, Sydney, Peyton, Ty, Amy, Mom, Dad, Patrick met up with Josh & Brandi (my brother and sister in law) to spend the day at the beach in memory of their son Aidden Joshua who's heart stopped beating around 20 weeks. Would have much rather visited under different circumstances.

A bunch of Josh and Brandi's friends and support system joined in the memorial.

Peyton starting a castle

Daddy, Mommie & Sydo

Amy, Mama, Sydo

Bianca, Amy, Sydo

Nana, Mama, Bianca, Ben
Sydney & Peyton



Peyton, Patrick, Sydney
Ty, Kristie, Sydney, Peyton, Bianca, Amy