Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Everyone loves the beach.... We couldn't wait to get there.  We left the house at 8 am.  Bank, Starbucks, it was closer to 845 when we were on the freeway and headed to the water.  Toy Story 3 kept the kiddos quiet.  Sydney fell asleep, and we only made one pit stop.  Who doesn't want to hit the Rest Stop.  Pee break took 15 minutes at least - but we beat the heat of Sac Town by an hour or so.  
Mussel Beach was the first stop.  The water was gorgeous, the beach seemed very far away, but it looked to be dog friendly, we didn't have a dog, just the BOB stroller, loaded to the max.  Why are there so many hills, downhill steep wasn't going to be fun going up, oh well.  We passed a few people on the trail to the beach.  Not one said a word..  Hello - family of 5 headed to the sand, large stroller, toddler and lil kiddos.  Got to the end of the dirt road to find lots of large rocks leading to the sand.  Large rocks that the stroller couldn't master and a lot of rocks... so we decided to head back to the highway and hit the next beach and meet up with The Vestals. 
The beach they usually go to was packed, not a parking spot within miles...  I thought it would be good to try the next beach over, it looked nice - Rockaway Beach.  Found a 2 hour spot and grabbed the goodies and almost ran to the sand.  Found a great spot and unpacked.  The water was cold, the sand dark and soft.  Set up was a snap.  Sand blankets, backpacks with fruit and water, sand toys and lots of sunblock.  Kamren was in the sand playing as soon as we got there, trucks and buckets galore.  The girls ran into the waves.  We heart the beach. 
The Vestals showed up a while later and hit the water too.  Everyone had a great time running from crashing waves and walking in the water.  Kamren wasn't a big fan of the water or waves, but he enjoyed the sand.  He hung out with Kevin at the blanket with toys for a lil bit while the girls and Jackson enjoyed the water.  Even I got to splash and jump around. 
The tide was rolling up quickly and after about 3 hours we had to pack up afraid to lose my goodies into the ocean.  I watched a lady and baby sitting on their blanket not paying attention take ocean water up to her boobs... luckily she didn't drop the baby, or lose anything else.  They moved quickly towards the top of the beach. 
After packing up we headed to the Beach Monkey Cafe, hoping for claw chowder.... the 3 minute ride put Kamren to sleep and they didn't offer clam chowder or soup to go... Got a capachinno and decided we could eat greek salad instead.  The lil girls ate turkey sandwiches and Kam slept it off. 
It was a quick ride home with only one potty break again.  Yay.  Back to the hot 107 in Sac.  The AC was on and keepin it cool at home. 
I wished we had gotten more photos, I forgot my camera, and we got a few with iphone.

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