Saturday, June 30, 2007


Party Like a Rock Star

The Diva's....

We want Salsa

The girls were helping grandma make salsa, they wanted to be the first to taste, but we had to make sure it wasn't to hot.... it was pretty hot but they didn't seem to mind at all. We had to put some in a lil bowl so they could dip their fingers in, they were trying to dunk their whole hand in the big bowl. When the lil taste on the finger wouldn't do... they were scooping it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

a slidin good time

Tia Amy came over to hang out and mom thought it would be the perfect time to go to the park and enjoy the slides... because daddy doesn't wanna let us do anything on our own.... he wants to hold our hands all the time, there is no climbing up the stairs without help, and no going down the slides without help... but mama... she's wild and she let us go wild. check us out. the first few times Tia wanted to slide too....

New Shoes

Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Fun

Saturday we packed up the kids and headed to Folsom Lake where we were having a Family Cook Out. The last time we went was almost ten years ago. Bianca and Emma were the only kids back then. If we didn't have all our stuff in storage I'd post a picture of them on the see doo then and them now... oh well.

Almost everyone showed up - The Avila's - Papa, Grandma, Tios Rudy and Andria, Primos Dominic and Donovan... and us. Uncle Rafa, Andres and Vanessa came on Mexican Time with the boat. He brought a three seat tube and managed to get Bianca on that, I have no idea how...Uncle Rudy got Bianca on the see doo by telling her if she went for a ride with him, Papa would win the bet they had.... - The

Ortega's - Tios Gene, Blanca, Michael and Erick - primos Mia and Athena - and the McClains - Uncle Tom, Carmen, Leslie, Steven and Joan and the kids Emma and Andrew - it was a full house. Uncle Rudy and Aunt Andria brought the see doo's and so do Erick. So we had a boat and doos to play on.

I went out with Andria.. first time I drove the red and purple GSX and then I took the Yellow XP out. What a difference. The GSX you feel every bump, jump and the XP is smoother. I had a great time on all of them. I rode the GSX a lot, my forearms are sore, and my butt... yeah, it's quite sore too. I was jumping and racing and trying to throw myself off gettin squirley, but it didn't happen.

Joan managed to fall off the XP while giving Athena a ride, I'm not quite sure how it happened, but Uncle Michael and Uncle Gene saved the day... Athena is fearless, cuz about an hour later she took a ride with me, we chased her daddy around on the lake, and she loved going fast.

Peyton and Sydney went for a boat ride, Peyton went right to sleep, Sydney enjoyed the ride for awhile and the next thing you knew, she was out for the count.

The kids all had a great time - riding the tubes, swimming in the lake, playing in the mud and eating popcycles.

We are now planning a camping adventure.

Sydney goes Sea Dooin
Peyton goes topless
the girls first boating experience
Dominic takes his favorite baby cousins on a lil ride, aren't they just the coolest kids. Peyton couldn't wait to be in the middle, and when she got her turn, she was holding onto Dominic's hair - Andria got a great picture of it

DJ and Mama take in the breeze
Daddy and Tio get their grub on
Sydney found a good skippin rock
She doesn't think she needs papa's help at all

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Fun

Papa, Donovan, and Sydney get chill out in the chairs

Dominic is lookin for a V8
Donovan has puffs
Sydney is soakin up the sun
Donovan and Peyton get puffs from Papa before Sydlicious comes to steal the goodies
Sydney gives Peyton kisses
the girls eat watermelon and daddy tries to keep them clean
Uncle Michael and Peyton say cheese
Papa and Sydney look for rocks to skip
Aunt Joan and Andrew go for a ride
Uncle Steven gets a push from Uncle Rudy
Uncle Rudy and Bianca get crazy
it's a one eyed Ogar... and he just cracks peyton up
Grandma and Sydney
"What do you think about my hat?"