Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sydney and Peyton have been wearing panties on the weekends... Monday marks Day one of Peyton wearing panties to school.... and staying dry, no accidents to speak of.... she also wore then all night - til bathtime... I did put pull ups on the girls for bedtime.... they woke up dry - and Peyton said "Mommie, I need my panties on" It was so cute... So today was Day Two... no accidents.. and Sydney has decided to join the panties party - tomorrow my big girls will both be sportin the DORA panties.... Peyton really loves Diego - and she saw Diego underwear... of course they are for boys only... had to redirect her cuz but she thinks.....GO DIEGO GO is much cooler than Dora & Boots.... Tonight we're going to buy more panties, I'm gonna let them choose.. Hopefully they have lots of options....

Wish us luck

Monday, April 28, 2008

Strike a Pose

Bianca decided to indulge me in a quick lil photoshoot.... w/ the retainer and w/o it..

is this thing done yet?????

slideshow of the entire session or a set on one page