Monday, June 12, 2006



What a wonderful day for a baptism... okay I was a lil excited about the whole thing finally happening. The air was cool and crisp, I love that feeling. We made it to the church with plenty of time, we were actually the first families there. We laid the girls dresses out in the chapel, so they'd be set after the baptismal water was poured on them. There were a total of 7 kids during the 930 service. The 730 service had two sets of twins, 930 had our twins, and the noon had a set of twins also... wow, there's lots of babies...

We lined up in the back of the church to make our grand entrance, Peyton, Sydney, Mom, Dad, Bianca and Nino Rudy and Nina Andria.... then came the other families... Peyton went first at the baptismal fountain, I held her over, placing her feet and legs in the warm water, she enjoyed it, Deacon Fong poured the water over her head, to her it was the best type of shower... She wore a swimmie. It was sisters turn next, Daddy held her over the fountain, she enjoyed the warm water too. After the water we placed them in towels and took them into the chapel to change them into their beautiful dresses... We had four people to dress the girls and about 7 minutes to get it all done... We managed. YEAH for us. We finished the ceremony, holding the girls up so everyone could see them.... I think they liked that... During the end of Mass Sydney got GRUMPY... she was yelling and very upset.... She wouldn't fall asleep either... Peyton on the other hand was napping... We took some pictures after the Mass then headed to the reception.

We had fun, it's always good to get together with family and friends and eat yummie food. Any excuse is good for me. We are a partying family for the most part, most of the time it's birthday parties... but sometimes there are just BBQ's... ~lol~ The girls enjoyed visiting with everyone and nursing lots.... Sydney didn't sleep at all during the party, but Peyton got a good nap in while being held. When we got home Sydney was out for a good three hours, and she woke up in a happy mood. She was throwing smiles all around.

the family

one  big happy family

family with papa & gma

peyton & nana

nana & sydney

amy & peyton

papa & sydney

grandma & sydney

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tia carmen &  tio  martin

uncle josh & cousin patrick

Rollin and a Rockin

Sydney rolled over from tummy to back for the first time while laying on the floor. There's been some rolling over while on the bed.... but never on the floor while playing... She was having a great time, she'd roll over right onto Peyton, and she'd laugh. Peyton meanwhile isn't rolling over, she's cleaning the blanket with her mouth while she's doing her tummy time. I grabbed the video camera to capture the moment - and all I got was a quick shot of the two of them and then the fastest roll over around, It was like she was on her tummy and magically she was on her back....

Now that Sydney knows how to roll, she's just a rollie pollie. It's exciting.

Peyton on the other hand is rockin, if you sit her on your leg (I'm sitting on the floor), she'll lean forward and push off the carpet with her feet and push herself back, like she's in a rocking chair. She did it for at least five minutes before she got tired and started to doze off, I think she gets it from me when I'm rocking her in the LAZY BOY.

SATURDAY - Babies first wedding

Scott ties the knot. My oldest friend Scott got married on Saturday. We've been friends since the summer of 1986, twenty years now. It's hard to believe we've been friends that long and even harder to believe he found someone who wanted to marry him ~wink wink~ She's not the best judge of character... cuz she doesn't care much for me... ~lol~ it all goes back to when Scott let me borrow his 4Runner and he'd never so much as let her drive it, let alone borrow it... ~shrugs shoulders~ oh well... we did manage to get past that... I guess once I got to know her a lil better and once she got to know me a lil more... everything worked out.

They got married at St. Philomeans, at 2 o Clock. It was a strange event. Doreen tripped while walking down the isle, she caught herself luckily, she got a lil wabbily again, I'm thinking she wanted to turn and run the other way ~lmao~ She finally made it... The Priest mentioned - as he was stuttering - that he didn't like that they were starting late and he was nervous and anxious because he had to take confessions at 430 and then do a mass.... kind of a strange announcement before performing a wedding. One of the kids in the wedding party - the ring bearer - got a lil upset and bored - was jumping up and down on the stage, near the alter and it was HOLLOW, it made quite a racket... sounded like someone was working on the roof... A guy in the wedding party (doreen's brother) yelled something I couldn't understand... (I guess he said it's okay to cry - didn't go with the kid stomping I guess) the Priest turned and got ANGRY... he said this was a sacred moment and they had to redo it... he was really aggitated after that.. he almost dropped the rings... and he got upset at Scott for not reciting the vows and looking at Doreen.. Scott was looking at the priest during part of it.. and the priest got upset... it was quite crazy... BUT they finished... YEAH. now they are off to Europe... (or so I thought.. the plan was to leave on Sunday... but they just stopped by the house and it's Monday night about 9pm. Things didn't go the way they planned... they got into San Francisco airport twenty minutes late and they couldn't board the plan.... twenty minutes late for the hour early check in, not twenty minutes late for the actual flight... so they had to change the flight out of Sac for Tuesday morning, and it cost another $2500 on top of what they already paid... OUCH it's expensive. Half of the wedding party didn't show up at the Capital for pictures... it was Doreen's side of the family. She said they are so GHETTO... I know what she means sometimes. I guess there was more drama at the reception - we didn't make it cuz the babies usually go to bed about 8 and the reception started at 6, I didn't want to have cranky babies at the baptism on Sunday)

Sydney wasn't in the mood for the wedding... she got fussy and her and daddy sat in the way back of the church. Bianca, Peyton and I stayed up close and personal.