Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water Play

First Stop - Greek Village for some lunch.  I decided to treat the kids to one of my fancy groupons.  We couldn't wait to try a bunch of authentic Greek food.  We got a Grecian Chicken Sandwich, Sweet potato fries, Gyro, Pilsner Soup, Feta Cheese balls, Pita bread and Greek fries.  The food was excellent, we pretended to be food critics, my kids are a riot. 

Off to the New water park that's in old Rancho.  The water park had 2 slides and lots of water action... and it's free.  Why can't we get one in our hood? 

water action at it's best

Kamren and Bianca

Bianca gives it a thumbs up

I love water slides, please take me to Sunsplash

I want my own waterslide


all wet