Friday, May 05, 2006

Check us out



got my new camera working and I'm about to take some pictures as soon as the babies wake up..... I hear Peyton now.... come on Sydney - Wake up girl ... Here we are - i forgot to comb the babies hair

I got my new camera working and I'm about to take some pictures as soon as the babies wake up..... I hear Peyton now.... come on Sydney - Wake up girl

Peyton, Bianca & Sydney

Thursday, May 04, 2006

may 4th

go shorty - it's your birthday

Bianca brought home an invitation to the Governors Mansion. She won the California Heritage Essay contest. Her essay won... I was ecstatic, we had no idea she entered an essay contest. We are very proud of her. We will be attending the awards ceremony on May 18th (our ten year anniversary). She's totally excited.

Last night Ben couldn't wait to give me my birthday present.... he got me a Nikon D50 SLR digital camera.... It's so awesome. He even got me some classes (12) to learn how to use my camera and learn more about the digital world it lives it.... both girls went to bed in the co-sleeper.... I'm proud of them... proud of myself for getting them to both go to sleep in their bed again..... Today me and the girls hung out at home til about 1230, then we headed over towards Bianca's school where we walked around the neighborhood until 125 when Bianca got out of school. She showed her sisters off to various teachers and friends (this is the second time we've gone to her school). We went to Traders and got lots of flowers, then we went home and waited for Ben to get off work. We headed to the cemetery to take fresh flowers for Kyle. Then we went to dinner at Ettores (I'm the only one that likes it). After dinner we got cake.... YUMMIE.... I love their cakes... Then we came home... I stole a few minutes to write in the blog... YEAH me....

Monday, May 01, 2006

Daddy's B Day (wednesday) 4-26-06

WEDNESDAY - The big plan for daddy's B Day is to go to Benihana's for dinner, but he wanted to wait until Sunday to go, he didn't want to fight traffic, and his mom hates driving in traffic too. So we went to Olive Garden for dinner on his actual B Day. This was the girls first dinner out, and it won't be their last. They were excellent. They each had a sling on either side of me, sitting in their carseat. Bianca sat next to Peyton and Daddy sat next to Sydney. The girls were fascinated, looking around and listening to all the people talking. They each nursed while we ate our salads. Bianca had spaghetti and tomato sauce, I had the 5 cheese ziti, and daddy had spaghetti. Sometimes they are so boring... Daddy wanted to go to Coldstone for his birthday, Bianca had the chocolate decadence with coffee ice cream. Daddy had strawberry blonde with vanilla ice cream. I had the strawberry blonde with white chocolate ice cream. Coldstone didn't have many ice cream flavors to choose from, everyone beat us to ice cream.

SATURDAY - The Rage played in the chamionship game. It was an easy game for the girls. Bianca had one goal, Jade had a couple goals, Alex had a goal, Tiara had a goal, Annie had a goal. There were lots of goals scored by the Rage. The other team never scored. YEAH. T-shirts all around. Bianca, Sydney, Petyon and I went to Nami's b day party. It was a spa day theme. The girls got manicure and pedicures, they danced, ate lil tea sandwiches and salads and ate yummie chocolate cake with strawberries. Way to bake Miranda!!! there were a few girls at the party that were SO LOUD. Peyton couldn't sleep cuz it was to noisy. the girls were pretty good. Mary did a lot of holding babies with me. Of course Bianca paraded her sisters about too. Bianca decided to sleep over at Nami's and we'd meet up for church in the morning.

SUNDAY - We took the babies to church for the first time, we almost made it on time, but we beat Bianca... they slept peacefully in their baby bjorns. Yep, I got daddy to wear one. He carried Syd and I had Peyton. I think they liked it. I know I always feel good when we make it to church, I get this refreshing feeling. I'm always up early, but being up early and getting outside is so much better than just getting up early. After church we went to the cemetery and took flowers. The girls got out for a lil while. Then we went home and changed and headed out for some shopping. Sydney slept almost the entire time. Peyton cried almost the entire time. I carried Peyton most of the day. I was worn out. We hit the bookstore where I nursed babies, Peyton wanted all the turns. We met Ben's parents at Benihana's for an early dinner. The girls were wide awake and it was noisy, they didn't like Benihana's as much as we did. There was lots of crying and nursing going on.

the last few days Sydney has been having crying spells between ten and midnight.... nothing makes her happy... Ben had the same crying spells - according to his mom and dad... I put Peyton to bed at ten and then Sydney goes into her crying spells. We disappear into my room where we dance, lay, nurse, and cry. When she finally stops I can put her into the co-sleeper while she's dozing off and she will fall asleep. (4 days in a row)