Monday, November 06, 2006

School Daze

Getting ready for Daycare...

yes I went back to work... my life is now KAOS er Chaos. The babies are going half days to daycare right now and we'll be working up to mama working eight hours in the office, but for now it's four hours in the office four hours telecommuting.

picture right before daycare and right after daycare when we went to Yoga. Pictures of what looks like Triplets... it's Peyton, Sydney and Harper.... Harper is only 5 months old, but she's as big as Sydney and Peyton. Don't you love the hats... The girls have squirrels on theirs and Harper has owls... SO Cute.

It's an Avila Halloween

We headed over to Uncle Rudy and Aunt Andria's for some tricks n treats. Bianca had a pointy tail, Sydney and Peyton were milkin it, Donavan was hangin around while Dominic was power n up.

Bianca and Dominic got tons of candy. The Monkey and Cows gave tons of candy away.

Halloween - Peyton, Finn, Sydney

Peyton gives Finn kisses

"Pucker up Buddy"
"Sugar for Finn"
Finn is cuddling with Sydney
Peyton wants some lovin too.