Thursday, August 10, 2006

Picnic and Fountains

On Wednesday we met Tia Andria and Primos Dominic and Donovan at Sealy. Tia Andria beat us there, she had the blanket already set up when we got there. We ate some lunch and then Dominic and Bianca were off to splash in the fountains. Donovan, Sydney and Peyton played on the blanket. Check out the feet.

Bianca and Dominic went between the water and the park quite a few times. It was nice to sit in the park and watch the kids play and have a little bit of grown up talk. I was surprised at all the people, guess they have lots of mom groups that meet at Sealy. There were quite a few big kids too. When I was a kid Sealy had a pool, we spent most of our summers between Sealy, Howe, Cottage pools and Waterworld.

Bianca took Donovan to play in the water, looks like they were having fun. I'm thinking I need to get wet next time too.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rage Team Picture

The Rage

Coach Ben, Annie, Cydney, Monesa, Tamiko, Alex, Blanca, Natalie, Coach Phil
Cathy, Tiara, Renee, Jade, Bianca, Christine, Catalina

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sonoma Classic

Game 1
Saturday we drove up to Fairfield for the Rage's first tournament. Our team happened to be the youngest team out there with the least experience but that didn't stop them. They were ready. The first game they won 1-nil, Blanca got the goal. Our girls had some good shots, some going off the posts, others the goalie - who was as big as me... was saving. We played most of the game shooting. We were happy with the shut out. The rage got 8 points for that game. The next game was like 6 hours later... it sucked... we went to the mall and ate, walked around til we were bored stupid... went back to the park and napped a lil - me and the babies that is. It was sooooooo WINDY, ugly wind - tents were flying around, umbrella's were snapping... but the babies and I managed to stay in the shade or outta the sun as much as possible.

Courntey helps out with the babies a lot, very glad to have her out there and holding one baby switching off with me... it's hard work. Her daughter is Cydney, she's the sweeper - Ben likes to refer to her as the one who cleans up the mess - like when someone blows by one of our midfielder or defenders.. Cydney jams over and knocks the ball out or back up the field. She saved us quite a few times.

Game 2
The Rage lost the next game 2-0. The girls were taking shots, we were getting unlucky, our girls had some shots... but we couldn't get them by the amazon lady in the box. The girls seemed tired and out of sync, bunching up and playing kick ball. I think it had something to do with playing early and being bored the rest of the day and not eating healthy lunches... Everyone was eating at that Chick Filet place....The other team were big girls, it seemed like all the teams were bigger than us. They were almost all 2nd year under 12's.... but our girls held their heads up.

Game 3
Sunday we drove up again... first game at 10, next game at 3 if we win - or had the second highest number of points. Game started... the girls looked good, we were playing like ourselves again or themselves. Again we had some shots but nothing fell in..... Tied 0-0, but we managed to have enough points to move on to play at 3 for third and fourth place.

Game 4
We were playing Annadale Strikers... Before the game I overhead the Strikers saying is that Purple team the Rage the team we're gonna beat to death... the coach was laughing... I was appauled.... We had to switch to the other side of the field cuz they were home team... they had switched to white shirts... When our team was on our side talking strategy their team came over and started shouting out while stretching... it was rude... oh well our team decided to switch to our white shirts before the game since we were visitors we could choose, that made the other team mad and they were shouting CHANGE BACK, but they had to change not us...

Bianca scored about 5 minutes into the game... everyone was going wild, cuz we scored first, that set the other team into a fiery, they started pushing and elbowing lots... the refs let it all go.... Bianca took an elbow in the eye, was crying and had to come out.. NO CALL at all on the elbow to the eye - what was the ref watching... the other team kept it up... next Jade came out after getting tripped and a cleat to the head.... Then Christine was taken out from behind and sprained her wrist... then Renee came out after having the wind knocked out of her, and then Blanca was taken out - kicked in the knee... it was brutal... RUGBY style - but Coach wouldn't let our girls sink to the Strikers level... The strikers scored a goal about 15 minutes into the game. Then half time.... The Strikers came right out and scored 20 seconds into the second half... we were down.... (all the injuries didn't happen in the first half... I just wanted to get them out there, not doing a play by play on the injuries). Right before Blanca got hurt she scored.. so we were tied up... GO RAGE.... The Strikers were pushing us off the ball, and acting like fools.. but getting away with it.. they got all the calls for them... amazing how it happened. The Ref called a handball against us in the box (there were lots of hand balls they didn't call) it wasn't really a handball, the girl covered her chest to keep from being hurt and turned away, it hit her elbow... they got the penalty kick and scored.... so we lost 3-2... but we were proud of our girls, they played well even after being hurt, pushed and bruised... we hung in there.... The Rage took 4th place - here they are sportin medals...

Friday - visit w/ friends

We had lunch with Sherri, Soccer Jim and Jordie. Sherri picked up Sunflower... her and jordie had nutburgers.... soccerjim had a grilled cheese and Bianca and I had quesadilla's - bianca was a good sport but didn't eat much. We also had some banana shake and some yummie fruit juice. Soccerjim picked up a cheesecake (passion fruit) The berries were amazing. We played catch up and enjoyed the babies.

- here are some pictures