Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kaos tourney

Saturday was the day, see what this kaos team is made of. Out first games. 830 am and then again at 10. I thought game plan Thursday and by Friday night everything was in pen and ready to go. 
Bianca and Ben left the house at 6 am just as the rest of us rolled out of bed. They had a game at 8 also but had to arrive by 7. Game in rocklin. 
I managed to get the three lil ones dressed, fed and out the door by 7. Dropped Kamren at grandma and papas and hauled butt to land park. There was a race for the arts around land park so we had to arrive early to find parking. 
Rock star status in the lot. We got there by 730 and I even got Starbucks. 
Only 2 people showed up later than the time I have them, but we had 12 girls. I was stoked. 
First up the crush. Sydney played forward first half of the game and she dominated, dribbling and making runs. Solice was up front too and got her foot on the ball and dribbling around. My midfielders were everywhere running. Defense was sending the ball up to the forwards really well. Syd scored the first goal. Crush turned around and scored on us quickly. A few minutes later they put it in the goal again. Half time and I moved girl around and subbed. Peyton was in the front now. She was excited. But wanted to play defense.  Game on. Peyton went off, stealing the ball from crush, dribbling around girls, pulling the ball back and shooting.  Goal #2 goes to Peyton. The fans were going wild. Kids were dribbling and passing it up and finally Kaos got some more energy and Peyton scores 2 more goals  Kaos wins 4-2. I was so proud of the girls. Everyone touched the ball and had fun. I was especially proud of my girls. Peyton was an animal on the hunt out there, dribbling, shooting and following her shots. Loved it. Sydney was beast too, she was running the entire field so she could have the ball and never stopping.  Kids all played during the break and sli chatted with parents. We are thinking about getting t shirts for the kids, something to wear at practice with Kaos on them and soccer balls. 
Game 2 vs the killer bunnies. The u8 coordinators team. His team had cool fun matching shirts. Bunnies and blood. Scary!  We sported our winning landpark jerseys. This team was ready for us, and bigger well seasoned girls. It was tough, we were well matched. First half Sydney was in the goal box and she is the beast, comes out to attack the ball, scoop it up and has no fear. I love it. Peyton played defense and I have the other girls chances at forwards and middle. It was like a chess game. No scores but lots of action. Next half jaiden in the box Sydney playing defense and moved Peyton to play middle.  The girl still had her juice. She was beasting through girls and put one in the net.  A few minutes later the KB put one in the net to tie it. With time winding down Peyton. Dribbled through the crowd and hit a cannon through the goal to take us ahead. From there we played great defense and ball and held on for the win. 
Whoop there it is. Kaos on top for the day. Let the kids know how proud I was of them and the parents.  More practice. 

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