Saturday, March 18, 2006

an afternoon out

Today we left Syndey and Peyton at grandma and papa's house while we went to watch Bianca play indoor soccer. It was strange leaving them, even knowing we'd only be gone about 90 minutes. I nursed both babies before we left -

Bianca scored two goals. She had some powershots that the goalie blocked, and she played super aggressive. I was really proud of her. Her best goal of the game... Someone passed it up to her, she was playing forward and she stopped the pass and then shot the ball hard into the corner. Sometimes she tries to catch up to the ball when the pass it up to her like that, but she's been working on the stop and shoot.... YEAH Bianca. The Rage (her team) won. 3-2. Renee had the other goal (1st goal of the game) She shot from a lil over half field and scored up high in the corner... what a boot.

I got to catch up with some of the other soccer moms from Rosemont. It was nice to see them. Cindy was there with her new baby. She's a cutie, lots of dark hair, must be at least 3 or 4 inches long on the top... Big girl (9 lbs something at birth). We talked babies for awhile. Then I went to sit with Jennifer and Andy to watch the game. We talked select soccer, shoes, babies and kids. It was nice to have some more grown up conversations.

After the game we went back to grandma and papa's house... the babies were great, sleeping soundly. Had to wake them up to nurse them... they were outta their element and nursing didn't go so well, they didn't eat like normal - but they had lots of messy diapers. Tia Andria and Donovan came over and we all played, had carnitas and then went to watch the BlueAngels fly. Yes, I got to step outside. The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and every once in awhile the wind whipped through my hair and slapped at my face. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Cleaning Lady

the cleaning lady missed work today, so I was pulling double duty, wait triple duty...
okay she had to be at her other job... Raley's you are so lucky to have my sister working for you.

I cleaned house in between taking care of babies, no time for naps or sleeping in. I woke up early and took a shower during the babies first nap, even had time to blow dry my hair. Usually I have to shower at night when everyone is home and they can help with the kiddos. I miss taking showers when no one is home (not counting the babies). I get to have the music on loud (not so loud now) there's something about a hot shower in the morning especially when you don't have anywhere to be. Sipped coffee (decaf) and ate bon bons (kidding).

I miss the cleaning lady... please come back. I'll give you a raise.

Almost Tuesday

I nursed Peyton and then Sydney, put them into their bouncers and headed to bed. Daddy was still awake and I figured the girls would be up about 11 or 12 to nurse again. Daddy is usually going to bed about that time. Peyton woke up at 12 and so I nursed her first and changed her, then put her in the co-sleeper. Next I woke Sydney, changed and nursed her, she was asleep, I put her into the co-sleeper and as soon as I did.. she started her noises... She holds her binkie in her mouth and makes noise... she spits the binkie out and makes noise. She's a noise maker. I checked the clock numerous times as I prayed she'd drift off to sleep. At 2:30 Peyton joined in and I knew it was time to nurse again. So I took Peyton out into the livingroom and checked the late night TV, then tivo - watched an episode of Girlfriends (it's funny) Peyton ate and got changed and went back to the co-sleeper, grabbed Sydney who had manged to keep her eyes closed and still make some noises. I changed her and nursed her... I watched Loop (a new comedy - yep I tivoed it too. She soon drifted off to sleep, no longer clutching the nipple, I figured she was a safe bet and I took Sydney back to the bedroom and put her in the co-sleeper where she started in with the noises.... I looked at the clock it was now almost 4 am... and I'd been awake far to long... I picked Sydney up and laid her in bed with me.... she snuggled in close and she was out... there were no strange noises, no noises at all.... We laid there for ten minutes...I couldn't sleep, I needed the comfort of my down comforter around my neck, over my shoulders - my arms were cold.... I thought i was in the clear... so I put her back in the co-sleeper and crawled into bed.... I had just pulled the comforter over me when the noise began... how long could it go on... how long would I let it go on. another ten minutes and I climbed out of bed and picked her up... we wandered into the livingroom, and yes it was premeditated. I turned the bouncer on, placed Sydney in the bouncer, gave her the binkie and ran into my room... She was happy... I couldn't hear the noise... I was happy - I pulled the comforter up over my head and fell asleep. At 7 am Peyton woke up and we nursed... Ben came in and said he was surprised to see Sydney in the bouncer - YES HE SLEEPS THROUGH EVERYTHING -

Thursday, March 16, 2006

day one of soccer try outs

Today was Bianca's first day of soccer try outs. She's trying out for an under 12 select team. It's a team that travels and plays in tournaments. She's excited about traveling, especially the santa cruz tournament... that I hope they play in... I just want an excuse to go to the beach this summer.

day one of soccer try outs

Today was Bianca's first day of soccer try outs. She's trying out for an under 12 select team. It's a team that travels and plays in tournaments. She's excited about traveling, especially the santa cruz tournament... that I hope they play in... I just want an excuse to go to the beach this summer.

Just the three of us

Today it was just the three of us again. Was an early morning for me, but I managed to snag a few hours of sleep during the night. I was up and moving around about 745, the babies nursed and went back to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep, so I was on the computer - catching up on emails and looking through pictures, downloading pictures and trying to figure out which pictures I want to use for the birth announcement. When is it considered to late to send out announcements? Oh well - I'm still sending them out. It's so hard to get pictures where Sydney and Peyton are both looking at the camera or even the vicinity of the camera. Okay so we won't have any frontal shots, maybe if I'm lucky we can get some smiles and show off their dimples. Everytime Sydney smiles - I'm to slow with the camera. I've managed to get one picture of Peyton smiling.

Sydney has grown out of her cute lil pink and green frog outfit... it's the cutest thing... so now I guess Peyton will be going at it alone, since she's still smaller than her sister. I still dressed them the same today, poor Peyton looks like she's wearing someone elses clothes. Awe, but they still look cute.

Like I said it was just us three today. We spent the morning taking turns sleeping, nursing, fussing and getting diapers changed. Okay I didn't participate in any sleeping, fussing - lucky me.. i got to nurse and change babies... Had a lil photo op... Peyton had some wake time, and then Sydney.... and Sydney is still awake... Peyton is snoozing.... I'm gonna crawl into bed too.

Tuesday's all nighter (condensed version)

I guess I should have known that the worst sleepless nights were still to come. I'm hoping I had the worst and last sleepless night. I laid down at 11 o'clock after feeding both babies. The first cry was at midnight, I felt pretty good, the one hour had done wonders for me. By 1:30 I had both babies fed, changed and into the co-sleeper. I crawled into bed and before I could pull the covers up over my head - the first cry. I got the binkie... she kept spitting the binkie out. (Can you tell I'm not naming names). She was now screaming, so I got up and we went into the livingroom and I patted her back, rubbed her tummy, we danced, we listened to XM radio, we danced some more and her eyes closed. I laid her down and then her sister decided to open her eyes and yell. She wanted some attention too. I looked at the clock, it was now 2:34, so I picked her up and changed her diaper, nursed her, burped her, danced with her, she dropped off to sleep much quicker, it was now 3 something and I put her into bed and her sister peeked at me, she was hungry. So I changed her diaper, nursed her, changed her diaper again and tried to get her to drop off to sleep, but she was wipe awake... So I laid her down anyways. She didn't like it, she moved around, her hands flailing, hitting her sister and waking her up, so I had two crying babies... One is hard enough, but two.... not something you will appreciate. So I give one a binkie and hold the other, then I switch, then I switch again and again... finally someone gets tired and drops off to sleep... time to nurse babies again.... one and then the other... more crying, but no 545 I crawled into bed with one baby and Ben crawled into bed with the other baby... it was quiet once again.... for two hours, then it was feeding time again, then sleep, then Amy showed up.... and the day began. Could it have been that my friendly starbucks bistra person added the caf to my decaf on Monday????????? I'll never know...