Monday, May 05, 2008

A Birthday Celebration

Sunday we celebrated my 34th birthday. Sydney and Peyton came into the room with the usual "Morning Sunshine, Morning Sweetheart" followed by "Happy Birthday Mommie, Happy Birthday You" it totally melted my heart. I can still remember when Bianca uttered those first words... such wonderful memories...

Ben surprised me with a BBQ with mi familia.... he wanted to have two parties for me... one with my friends and one with the family... but I ended up with Strep Throat Wednesday and he decided he didn't know if I'd be okay for a party... Well yes... i was ready - !st to arrive my sister in law Andria, whom we refer to as Tia Andria most of the time... Dominic, Donovan & Devin. Rudy arrived later with my in laws. My other sister in law Carmen (Tia Carmen) arrived with Kalyn and Matthew, and then my parents and nephew Patrick came... Missing in Action were my sister and Tyler.

Ben grilled steaks, hotdogs and onions. There were chips, salsa, Tecate and soda....Ben surprised me with my favorite cake from Ettores - Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse - it was YUMMIE.

Bianca and all the big cousins played school upstairs... while Donovan, Sydney and Peyton had the run of the backyard.... All the cousins played and the grown ups gossiped.... and the boys and girls played soccer.... The weather was perfect.

I'd also like to announce Sydney and Peyton were accident free... it's strickly panties for those two.

Bianca treated me to a foot massage... and I've got coupons.... Breakfast in Bed, and Spa Day... Yeah, can't wait to cash those in....

...and I got a nice plant and some homemade mud with bugs, some starbucks gift cards, starbucks goodies (Mug & Yummies) Fifa Street 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV - it was a wonderful birthday.

the girls checkin out lady bugs
Patrick ridin the scooter
the boys eatin mud & bugs & Sydo drinkin h20
Donovan & Bianca enjoying mud & bugs
loves mud
me too
my worm
da 3 amigos