Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rib Fest Pictures

Sept 9th

Bianca turns ten.... it's official Bianca is now TEN... She had her birthday at Bouncetown from 830 pm til 1030 pm... so it was a late party. She was thinking she was having a sweet sixteen cuz she even changed during the party... I'm so not looking forward to her teenage parties...

Everyone had a great time jumping and running around. I had fun throwing balls at Uncle Rudy, wrestling around with my sister and playing in the bubbles with the babies.

Bianca got lots of prizes... lots of great outfits - capris, pants, shirts, skirts, sweaters, two pairs of shoes, some Bratz - one that's a kareoke ones, polly pockets, makeup, lots of Giftcards - YEAH SHE LOVES THOSE. Barnes and Noble, Borders, Claire's, Libby Lu, Toys R Us, Target, Gap - She's been shopping like crazy for a week. I'm scared of you... Plus she got cash too.... but she's smart about her cash, she puts it in the bank.... You Go Girlie

Angel, Feliz, Sydney & Peyton & Uncle Michael

Tourney Pictures and the Creek

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Bianca's Castro Valley Tourney. She's number 7. Some pictures of the girls at the hotel too.

Also pictures of Uncle Michael and Courtney playing with the babies.

We went to visit Great Grandma, Aunt Roxann and the boys-- got those in the slideshow too.