Saturday, November 14, 2009

Furlough Friday

Another Furlough Friday and this time we decided to stay home and make our own fun. We pumped the jogging stroller tires and got some snacks... let the kids choose their own outfits and then headed off on a 1.5 mile walk to the closest park in our neck of the woods. We covered asphalt, pebbled/dirt roads, sidewalks and a grassy field all for the name of adventure.

Once there we played on the swings, played hide and seek and let daddy chase us around the enormous soccer field for a couple hours and then went to seach for a bridge that goes over the wetland preserves.... I don't think the bridge is built, even though it's on all the maps....

We probably walked a good mile in seach of the bridge and then braved the 1.5 trek home.. it was long and my feet hurt.... next time I'll wear jogging shoe

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Velocity wins their first home game

With an 18-3-2 Tournament Record. Yes, they placed in every single tournament this year. 1st and 2nd in most of the Tournaments and one 3rd place trophy.... They finally got a league win against the first place Roseville team....

Bianca started in the goal box. First time playing goalie in a game. She did awesome. She came out running, sliding, punching balls out. At half time she came out to play the field. Final Score 3 Nil Velocity....

My camera battery died mid way through the game but I got a few pictures of the lil ones...

Pub Crawl

Ever been on a pub crawl? This is year 3 for a group of die hard pub crawlers.... The Straight Shooters - and it benefits cystic fibrosis.... We crawled through 25 stops on the Nosh. From Sushi bars, Yogurt shops to the leading Wine Bars. Great Food, Drinks and Friends

Christina, Sharon, Marlene, JW, K, Alison, Diane, Lisa

Big Nosh

Sharon getting cozy

Standing room only

deep conversations

Here is a list of the stops & their ratings:

1. Sophia's - BEST coconut Mojito's in Sac.
2. Brew It Up - Great Beers, but the service was terrible, we went back for dinner after the Crawl. Not that we really needed to eat more. Coffee and Creme Brulee was good.
3. The Melting Pot - Yummy Fondue - chocolate strawberries, brownies, banana's & Champagne
4. Clarion Mansion Court
5. Butch & Nellie's Coffee - They served Guinness beer floats
6. Azul Mexican Food & Tequila Bar - Flavored Tequila's & Chips & Salsa
7. Toreros
8. Beach Hut Deli
9. Kru - sushi and sangria
10. Temple Fine Coffee & Tea - One of my favorite Coffee Houses. Organic Stuff
11. Sweetwater Restaurant & Bar - Yummy Skewers
12. Cultive Frozen yogurt - Fresh Fruit on yogurt, huge fresh blackberries
13. Hot Italian Pizza & Panini Bar
14. Mochii Yogurt
15. Rubicon Brewing C0
16. Paaesano's Pizzeria
17. Old Soul Co - More Organic Coffee
18. Aioli Bodega - Yum
19. Buckhorn Grill - Best Steak Sandwiches
20. L Wine Lounge & Urban Kitchen - Best Atmosphere & wines
21. Yogurttagogo
22. Celestin's Island Easts & Cajun - Best Jambalaya
23. 3 Fires Loung
24. Sapporo Grill - Best Sushi - they had a feast fit for Kings and Queens.
25. Bistro 33 Midtown

My Favorite place on the crawl was Sapporo.

Andrew & Luke

So this is my continuation on Furlough Friday..... I couldn't post anymore pictures and still needed to talk about our Playdate/Kid sittin....

The girls and I walked over to the Fantastic 4's place to play with Andrew and Luke while Uncle Steven and Aunt Joan went to a Parent Teacher Conference.

The kids had a great time.... There was horseback riding, coloring, reading, apple jacks, working with tools and building forts... all in the matter of a couple hours.... There were no time outs, no naps and no changing diapers.... oh did i mention kisses... Luke gave me about a hundred kisses, I think he was making up for all the growls he used to give me.....

Andrew, Sydney, Luke, Peyton

Luke comes after the camera with a hammer

Luke insisted on showing me his new bed while wearing Peyton's crocs

apple jacks rule

Furlough Friday

The girls and I enjoyed our Furlough Friday.

First stop was picking up our Roller Derby Tickets from Lora. Always running late by way of Starbucks. It was time for a treat, so we stopped by the local cafe for some hot coco, ice water, ice tea and cookies....
We hunted leaves and chased Chickens at Fair Oaks Park. Peyton chased the Roosters and Chickens around throwing crackers and apples to them. At one point she was surrounded by our feathery friends. Sydney kept them at bay with her wand/sword full of bubbles. We played tag on the play structure, raced down the slides, triumphed at the rock wall and swang to reach the sky.

I scanned my picture memory card and I have 28 pictures that I feel are must posts.... How will I ever get them into one post.....