Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playing at Grandma and Papa's house

the girls both run to ring the door bell at grandma and papa's... over and over til someone answers the door... they say quick hello's... and then it's out to the backyard they go. Peyton flips over one of the carts... to make sure it was spiderless... it was so cute. They fought over bouncy balls.... Sydney threw a fit because Peyton tried to kiss her... Sydney smacked Peyton on the head because she kept grabbing her cart.... it was utter chaos...
Ben and I went to see What happens in Vegas and Grandma and Papa enjoyed the girls.

holdin hands in front of grandma and papa's
just rang the door bell for the 10th time
"Look mama, no spiders, no bugs"
"Kisses Please"

nighty night

according to Bianca this is the nighty night post.

We had a busy Saturday, after everyone left we took a trip to Old Navy where we bought some shorts and tanks... then dropped Bianca off at her girlfriends birthday party. it was a sleep over... and Peyton was really upset that Bianca was sleeping away without her.

Ben took Kallie for a walk and the girls and I followed close behind. We didn't get very far because Sydney was being slow and Peyton was trying to catch up with Ben and Kallie.. So we headed home for Otter Pops. We sat out in the backyard, the girls played on the slide and we ate pops. The girls made sticky messes all over themeselves so it was off to the bath.

After a long bath... the water started out warm and was quite chilly by the end of the bath... they put on some shorts, brushed their teeth, got lotioned up.. and finally after about ten minutes of good nights... they fell asleep...


Amy, Tyler, Nana and Papa came over on Saturday for breakfast, but since we didn't actually eat til 11... we called it brunch. It was a family affair, everyone helped in the making of the breakfast.... well minus the guys. Ben supervised and drove everyone nuts.... while Tyler and Papa sat on the couch watching TV.... originally we were going to Amy & Tyler's house, but Friday they came home to a sauna.... the air conditioning was out - and the record 100 degree temps weren't nice....

Sydney & Peyton helped stir the pancake mix. We had regular and chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns... good stuff

Amy, Nana, Peyton, Sydney stirrin up fun

Bianca and Patrick join in the fun. Marshmellows & cheeze it's for everyone... and Sydney get your foot off the island

Sydney looks mischevious

Peyton has a mouth full