Friday, June 09, 2006

thursday out and about

Peyton gets her groove on

Sydney practices the airplane

SYDNEY Mom got us dressed in some matching red overall skirts. We really like the red, especially when we cry, our face can match the outfit - color coordination at it's finest.

PEYTON So we played in the grass a lil while, while mom was snappin photo's - we were trying to run our feet over the grass. Sydney got to touch it... check out that face... I on the other hand, well I was getting down with the beats, my own beats

SYDNEY The wind was blowing slightly, made for some strange noises, I couldn't tell if anyone else noticed... I'm sure my lil sister did, cuz I noticed her getting her groove on. Guess what? Yep, world cup and I'm already practicing my airplane move, can't wait to hear them yell GOL!

Peyton We met daddy at his work today, he gave us the royal tour. Actually we didn't see everyone, but I made quite an impression on Lilly, she was laughin, I had jokes. I was feeling really comfy with her, gave her my specialty "I like you" I didn't get to meet everyone, some folks were in meetings and mom hauled me away for a nursing but I could hear Sydney putting on a show

Sydney People love to hear me talk, well I think my lil sister gets a lil frusterated because I'm louder, bigger and I rule the crib, okay well enough said. I had everyone going, I gave them a lil time to speak, but I held the conversation on my own for the most part. I put on the charm. Not sure who all stopped by, dad was holding me and mom snuck away for some quiet time with Peyton.

The girls were knocked out about fifteen minutes, the time it took to get home from I Street. They were raising the dead by the time I sat down, everyone was cranky and overtired... I had a lot of rocking to do... finally I got both babies down for a lil nap. Usually Thursdays are early days for Bianca, but they had a field trip to the aquatic center so I was picking her and Kelsie up at 330, made it with time to spare and we hit the gym.... I had four kids at the gym, no one seemed to mind, they watched over binkies and crowd control while I made my round on the equipment. Bianca dumped Sydney off on me as soon as I got on the bike... so we cruised around on the bike, mostly talking to our new friend Heather (the mom) and Mauve (the baby) - They go to our church... yep we own a church - okay we share a church. So we did lots of chatting and the bike ride felt so quick... I hope we run into them again soon. We have one other friend (Kelsie - the baby) don't know mommy's name yet.

After the gym we grabbed some Taco's and went to ISA to watch soccer and see Brandy and Jack... They were late... Brandy's always late, but now she has an excuse ~smile~ we hung out for a lil bit. Bianca held onto Syd and I had Pey. Sydney did a lot of flirting with Jack and let her self be heard... Peyton flirted a lil bit too, but she was tired and not in the mood to talk. Jack just stared into my girls blue eyes - mesmorized by their beauty ~lmao~ We had fun....

When we got home... it was a cry fest.... lots of tears, crying, lots of mama rocking and rolling, nursing and cursing - opps delete that part... ~lmao~ Finally got those crazy girls into bed, spent a lil time with Bianca messing around and then we all hit the hay.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Sydney and Peyton are always trying to sit up. Whenever they are in the bouncer or swing they are always leaning forward trying to sit up like big kids. We saw the Bumbo at Goores and decided that they looked like a good chair. The Bumbo Baby Seat is a snug and cozy environment for your baby. This revolutionary infant chair is uniquely designed according to the baby’s posture. The Bumbo enables babies to sit upright all by themselves! (can be used as early as 6 weeks, and they can use them at least til they are 14 months, and longer is they choose). The girls seemed to really love their Bumbo's....

Seeing Doubles

Yesterday we went to Raley's to do some grocery shopping, I was picking out apples when I saw a couple from Sharing Parents and our twins classes, their babies had arrived. No one had heard from them, so it was nice to see them in the flesh and their darling babies. She said she saw the announcement in the newsletter that we had delivered healthy baby girls. They had a boy - John and a girl - Gabriella. They are 14 weeks old, very cute babies. the boy is bald and the girl had lots of dark hair. We ended up taking up the entire fruit isle talking about our experiences, the pregnancy, the birth and taking care of our babies.... we talked for at least 40 minutes... People would stop and oogle the babies, thinking it was strange to see two sets of twins, they'd ask lots of questions too. When we finally did manage to go about with our shopping, a lady came up to me and said. "did you know there is another set of twins shopping too?" ~lmao~ Yep, I knew it...

Anyhow it got me to thinking about all the friends I've made through sharing parents, people I would have never met if Kyle were still with us today. There is not a day that goes by that I don't wish Kyle was here, but I am thankful for the friends I've met along the way, the people that understand me, the people I understand. They are the only ones that really get me, that know how I feel, because they feel it too. Everyone from my group is having babies or have delivered. We share in each others joys of having the babies and also in the fears of the unknown.

I'm so thankful that I have these precious baby girls. One that looks just like Bianca and one that looks just like Kyle.