Monday, September 02, 2013

Another soccerless weekend

It's not often that we have a free weekend, so we all took advantage of it. Bianca went to the football game with her friends, and spent the night at Allison's with Makayla and Allison. Fun girls night for them. It was great I even got to chit chat with Cindy (Allison's mom). We talked about what great and mean parents we are and how we don't let our kids go or so much. They love to hate us. 
Friday night we hung out at home and got the new Mac set up, cleaned bedrooms and lost our minds. 
Saturday came quickly and we got some shopping done, I took Sydney, Peyton and Kamren to watch cousin Matthew play football. He is playing up a year on pee wee Trojans. He is the fullback, middle linebacker and kicker. This boy doesn't really get a break during the game. Playing offense and defense. He had a great game, made a lot if tackles and ran the ball a few times, even making a long first down run. They won 14-6 against Whitney. He made one kicking conversion after the first try the person hiking it didn't get it to the holder... Yikes that was ugly. After the game we got some pics. 

Sunday we went to church but didn't make it to St Francis again. Hit up SJV instead and then the Folsom train. Kamren really loved the train. $18 for the family to ride. The girls remembered riding it when they were smaller. It's a fun thing to do. 

I really wanted to take them to the train in old sac but it was gold rush days and last time we went there it was so crazy packed we decided not to do it. They have the real train (big) that takes you on a 45 minute excursion so it's on my to do list. I think Kamren will love riding the life sized train. 
They also do the polar express at Christmas time and I want to take Kamren, it's $50 a person so it will be just the two of us.  

We did more shopping on Sunday and played street soccer. That was so much fun. My body was so sore after 2 hours of black top running. 

Today was Labor Day. Yay!  We slept in and while Ben and Bianca were at soccer practice, we went for a mile run. Great run in under 12 minutes with the lil kiddos. Kamren was in the stroller most of the time but really wanted to run some too. Not bad for our first family jog of the school year. haha  we need to shave some time off that run.  We played more street soccer today and my back hurts so bad that I wanted to cry. 
We are celebrating everyday in September until Bianca's birthday with a small gift for her. So day 1 and day 2 are done.  Socks and Starbucks/gift card and tomorrow it's Sky High.  Stay tuned for Wednesday and Thursday.  I hope I can blog. 
Hey and it's day 3 of kamrens new bedtime routine. Him going to bed in his bed. Yay for mama

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