Saturday, June 15, 2013


Off to a quince party. We are totally late for the mass...what's new. It's Ben, me, Sydney and Peyton.  Bianca didn't want to come since its not her friend. It's my friends daughter. I'm bummed because I wanted to bring Kamren too. He was so upset that he didn't get to come. There are going to be tons of kids his age and older. I'm sure he would have had a blast dancing and playing with the kids. Ben thinks he doesn't behave well enough, but how will he ever learn of he doesn't get to experience?  
I admit he doesn't act well in church most Sundays. He wants to play, sing and run around. Guess churches need more of the nursery-kid rooms where parents can go w lil ones. 
We could have skipped mass and went to the after party. I know he would have enjoyed that but instead he's home with Bianca. She's probably still fuming because I didn't let her sleep over at mckennas with Morgan. 
I did let her go with Morgan to hang out w Ben and Jason at Bens house. I had to stay awake and drive to pick her up at 1130. Not fun at all. 
Do you think she even appreciated it or said thank you?  Nope. 

Traffic says we are late and I think we will be there about 230. Guess I should have said mass was at 130. We might have made it on time. 

Peyton just asked me why didn't I get a job on tv???  And Sydney just told me I should quit my job and work at six flags so I could take then to work with me everyday.  I think I struck out on all at bats. 
Hoping I can get new lenses for my favorite sunglasses today... After mass

Mass went off w/o a hitch if you call me taking both kids to the bathroom during the short mass. Sydney went first and 3 minutes later I took Peyton. Afterwards I caught up with Delila and her lil man Adrian. So sweet and cute. 
Hit the mall to check out lenses for my sunglasses, I have to order them online. So I hope if I order them the Oakley place will put them in...  
We were on time for the party. I caught up a lil bit with my friends. We ate carnitas salad rice beans Mexican feast. There was a candy bar with lots of sweet treats. Cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, a chocolate fondu waterfall with marshmallows, strawberries, and rice krispe. Jars of jelly bellies, gummibears, Swedish fish.... Sweetness. 
The waltzes were good but we left about 8, had to get home to Bianca and Kamren 

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  1. I know what you just can't win. Kamren either has to learn by experience what is expected at mass, or you can't take him. I wish they offered more for kids too. How are they supposed to learn about God if you don't take it down to their level?

    If you take a TV job and become famous, can I still hang with you? Love ya KristieGirl!