Saturday, April 20, 2013

Prom date

Finally a prom date in sight. Sign check,
Dress-check, hair appt check, make up appt check. Boutonnière no check. Prom date- check

Meet Erik - 6 ft 6 plays basketball at EC. size 15 shoe, that's a whole lotta leather loafers.... BOATS.

Lost a few posts

I should really save more often. I wrote a few days worth and lost it all so in playing catch up
Last Sunday we met up with the cousins at grandma and papas house, the girls were so excited that the boys were going to be there and as soon as uncle Rudy and Tia andria rounded the corner Donovan was trying to jump out of the van It hadn't even stopped and he was flying out of the door on a mission to meet up with the coolest cousins he knows. Okay I'm biased but these three really love each other. Snapped some photos of the cousins all enjoying Popsicles. I even made a poster of one.
Looking back over old blog posts of Sydney Peyton and Donovan and how they looked like triplets and even now they still have that resemblance. Great lookin kids with personality for days.
I love their relationship, how much fun they can have playing dogs, soccer, hide n seek or just talking about everyday stuff. I can't wait to see what happens next. Looking forward to summer fun

Potty training last week

Another session of Potty training sponsored by moms around the world. Friday felt like a great day to begin again... The lil man decided one time I. The toilet was enough, Saturday wasn't any better, but Sunday was a break through... 1 accident and we even went to grandma and papas. Monday and Tuesday he peed on Sharon and she suggested him not coming to school like a fashionista and trying easy off pants instead: sweats or elastic band pants. Ugh. Not my fab. Wednesday he had a couple stamps so he's on his way.

UFC Style

Big time fighting. Chair to the head, blood spilling down the side of my face. 5 stitches and a tdap shot later and in stuck with a huge swollen and bruised eye.
Or should I say bad experience gardening. Truth I was watering plants on the fence and I have four metal chairs that I use to stand on. They have mesh seats and they are four years old. Haha. The girls ripped the mesh in the last chair but didn't say anything. I watered the first three sections and stepped over to the fourth and my foot went through the mesh seat and I fell backwards and to the side, the l chair flipped back and smacked my head. Blood gushed everywhere. And I hit the other side of my head on the play structure. 5 stitches. Ugh