Saturday, May 27, 2006

more pictures from the creek

Bianca, Zach and Sydney smile big for the camera. Zach was looking at his mom, Bianca was checking out the dog, and Sydney was drooling was trying to figure out where all the flashes were coming from.

Daddy is putting his best girl forward,

although he's not looking as happy as he should.

What's wrong with that picture


Rise and shine mama, I know you can hear me... I'm ready to see the world. I've got a big smile and I know the bright sunshine is waiting just outside the window. Can we please go for a walk.

Check me out, I'm crawling... over you Peyton. Watch out I'm taking over the crib. "who's your sista?"

Sydney is all smiles when she wakes up and greets the day. "Good mornin mama, you got some of that yummie milk waiting for me? I got a beautiful smile for you..."

"Good mornin mama sunshine - Wait mama, what about me... I'm thirsty too, and I'm withering away here, you feed Sydney first and she drinks all the whole milk and leaves me with the non-fat milk, I need the fatty milk, so please let me nurse first"

more pictures from the creek

Peyton, Bianca, Sydney and Zach all giving a look at the camera, but there were three camera's going and not everyone was looking at the same camera.

Pictures at the Creek

Peyton front and center, giving a sideways look at everyone else.

Bianca taking over - Peyton started crying while Zach was holding her, and big sister grabbed her and made her smile again. I think she told a blonde joke.
Serious look from Peyton, she's watching Zach, Uncle Rick and Sydney playing

the creek

We visited the creek today, not a real creek, but it was our first long trip. We drove to Walnut Creek to visit Great Grandma, Aunt Roxann, Uncle Rick, Ryan, Zach, Doris, and Kelly (the big dog). It was a long trip for us, Sydney fell asleep right away, but Peyton tried to stay awake, she watched the big sister who was watching the Corpse Bride on the DVD player, and listening though the headphones.

PEYTON "the entire trip I've been trying to figure out what those huge things are that are covering my sisters ears, she's totally ignoring me, normally she's talking to me, smiling at me or something. I've let out a couple yells, and it doesn't even phase her. What could be more fascinating than me?"

Peyton finally dozed off about five minutes before we arrived. The babies were all smiles upon arrival. Sydney was happy to be awake and out of her carseat. She went right to uncle rick and started in with the smiles. Peyton was a lil shy, she was mostly tired and gave a few smiles, even chuckled half a dozen times, but Sydney was excited, she showed off her gums as much as she could. Everyone was busy baby watching. Great Grandma talked to the babies and they smiled and let her know they were happy, and that they remembered her from the last visit. The boys were pretty fascinated by the babies, especially Zach, who managed to hold both babies, not at the same time... but he was all smiles while holding them. Bianca was right next to him to let him know if he wasn't doing something right, or to grab the babies at the first cry, which happened - since Zach knew how to hold the babies.

Aunt Roxann walked in from the store, she was excited and went right to the bathroom to wash her hands so she could hold the babies... She held Peyton first and then Sydney. Peyton got a lil cranky, she was hungry, but Sydney showed Aunt Roxann the gums and some smiles, even gave her a toot toot. While the babies nursed and got clean diapers, Rick and Roxann busyed themselves in the kitchen making a scrumptious lunch. We had sandwiches - a tray with lunch meats to choose from, and cheese, potato salad, sun chips and ruffles, fresh strawberries, watermelon and pineapple.... YUMMIE YUMMIE I got good food in my tummy. Since the babies dined on breast milk and were still tired and cranky, we did a lot of pacing the floor and listening to some crying. Bianca, Zach and Ryan went outside to play, Bianca loves going to visit her cousins, she always has so much fun and lucky for me she gets worn out.

Doris stopped by and Sydney showed her a couple smiles before dropping off to sleep. Peyton followed suit. The babies slept for about 45 minutes (at most) enough to recharge. They made the rounds again, smiling, coooing, and enjoying the company. They sat outside for a lil while, enjoying the sunshine, well looking at the sunshine from the shade. They nursed some more and finally we let the family get some peace and quiet - by saying adios.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

just tired

first feeding call was at 143, that after going to sleep at 1130, next feeding came about 342, next feeding 530, 645, 800... well that sucked... Ben stayed home from work... yes he's still sick... Whats worse than crying babies? sick men. You know it's true, they are the biggest babies of all, and because I already have two babies at home, I'm so not sympathetic... I used to be, I used to take really good care of Ben when he was sick, but now... I don't have the time or energy. I felt bad because he wanted me to go to the urgent care with him. (our dr's decided to toss us to the curb for some strange reason... and western health advantage said he can't see a new dr til June 1... what the hell...) Ben made a quick trip, he said the line was out the door....

both babies decided it was time to play early on this morning... so we did... we messed around. I think I ate breakfast somewhere around 7:30, never got to really go back to sleep. I did take one baby back to bed with me at 8...but we were up at 830... I had a day planned... going to my parents house... but that never happened. Bianca's carpool buddy - Kelsie was coming over after school, and it was an early day. the day flew by... I took the kiddos to pick up the tweens... Ben was off to urgent care for another try at getting inside the door.

I took the tweens for blizards at diary queen... not something I really needed... we came home and I watched my soap... and then played a game with Bianca and Kelsie, we did some fun gossiping and girl talk... we had lots of fun. Took the kids outside and they ran around with the dog for awhile. Kelsie went home about 6.

I wanted Chipotle... Poor Ben... he's on the BRAT (banana, rice, applesauce, toast) diet.. he's so not happy. I had a yummie chicken bowl, I think I like the jasmine rice. After dinner I took a cat nap with Peyton... woke up about nine.. yeah about an hour nap. We all watched some tv.. and here I am blogging. I need to take some new pictures of the kids... and get them uploaded.. maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mama needs a half caf

Yesterday I put the babies in the crib for some kickin back time. They enjoyed doing the bicycle and raisin the roof while chattin it up. I put clothes away and chatted with them. I ended up putting Sydney in the crib to nap a couple times... and then last night I wasn't sure I wanted her to actually sleep in the crib... so I took her out and put her in the co sleeper with her sister. Sydney went to sleep at 9 and Peyton went to sleep closer to 11.

Get this.... I woke up a couple times during the night.. but didn't wake the babies... and they slept til 445 am... that's soooooooooooooooooo long... I nursed them both, pumped a gallon (okay really 4 or 5 ounces) and then went back to bed til 7 when they both woke up and nursed and decided it was play time. I was still crazy tired...

at 9 am.. Ben walked into the house.... home again... dang it... he's been sick on and off for over a week..... and i don't want to get sick, and I sure as heck don't want the babies or bianca to get sick... why oh why can't he get better.

Amy came over at 930 - we had a day planned... at first we planned on going to the Mommie and Me class.... but i realized bianca had the appt at the orthodontist.. the evaluation... so we picked her up and rushed there, she brushed her teeth really quick before the appt. didn't take long for them to tell us the recommendation - a two parter.. first phase - expander for the top of her mouth, she's got a narrow top jaw... a crossbite... ect... $6800 for braces.... she starts in june... she is so EXCITED.... she can't wait... the sooner the better for her.

Next stop, home to nurse babies and then to the babies dr... Sydney weighs 14 lbs 2 oz and Peyton is 12 lbs 4 oz. No measurements on the height. the babies have a cold, head cold only. the lungs are clear.. or so Diane said.... keeping a close eye on them - no fever....

Home to nurse again - i totally forgot the Ulta stop... meeting Brandy at the Gym at 4... she called and FLAKED at 350, I didn't get the message, didn't matter I was still going to the gym. She said Friday... I'll be there, who knows if she will.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Surprise

We went to the in-laws house and I got online to check myspace. Everyone knows I have so much trouble with myspace at home so I seldom check, but I was so excited when I saw a message from my friend Marea.

We are highschool friends and we got back in touch probably five years ago and then lost contact and got back in touch a few years ago and then she moved away and then she came back and we both went through some things... Well I had a message on myspace from her... I was stoked. I wrote her back and then she called me... we chatted a lil bit and then Sydney started crying and needed to eat.

I'm so happy for Marea, she's got a little girl Laila Lu, she's five months old now, so Laila, Sydney and Peyton are gonna be close in age, hopefully they'll be friends like Marea and me. Her daughter is so cute, she's got lots of hair (at least in the picture I saw). I'm looking forward to meeting her.

I'm so excited for Marea and Travis, Laila is a such a treasure.


Bianca keeps talking about nurtured... she's nurturing Peyton or so she claims

Mom and Pops got up early, of course I'm always up, but I decided to make some coffee and read one of my parenting magazines while the babies slept. I got about half way through when Peyton woke up again and wanted to play... sometimes they are all smiles and happy, fun, fun in the morning.. Today was one of those no cry wake ups. We played for a lil while and then Peyton decided she needed more milk, so she nursed and dropped off quickly.

We planned on going to church @ 930, we got a late start but made it to church nonetheless. We had to cram into the last pew, church was packed. we decided to carry the babies in today, no baby bjorn or wrap... my arms were sore... Daddy held Sydney and I held Peyton, Peyton nursed a couple times and went mimi. Sydney was asleep the entire service. Miranda, Ty and Nami were supposed to meet us at church... they were no shows... I'd like to state that I called miranda a few times today and she's refusing to take the calls -- Bad Friend.

One of the girls from my gym was at church, she recognized me... must be because I had the twins with me, she didn't have her daughter so I was a lil confused when she told me she remembered me from the gym on Friday. What a small world. She's got a 7 week old daughter, very cute.

After church we went to lunch at the Hoppy Brewing Company on Folsom Blvd. The food was excellent and the babies enjoyed themselves.

Overstimulated Once Again

Saturday's birthday party for Alexander and Gabriella at the Laguna Awesome Jump place...turned out to be some crazy fest with sixty five kids and at least a parent or two for each of those kids. I think Deanna held up a sign on the corner inviting random people to come to the party.

I have to admit there were some friendly tall ladies... I'm talking over 6 ft 4... they were so tall, one was quite fascinated with the babies... She stood around talking to me and them for at least twenty minutes, and came back a couple times to boot. The babies seemed happy to put on a talk show and smile a million times for her.

Then came the stranger... she was talking to me.. i talked back for awhile - and then I decided to ignore her... and then she kept wanting to hold the baby and I kept pretending not to hear her... Yes... I AM MEAN.... the babies were talking and talking... it was time to eat, and I tried to feed Sydney out in the waiting area where it was quiet.. but she just wanted to chat... Peyton didn't mind nursing.. she nursed double because Sydney didn't wanna eat and Peyton didn't want to let anything go to waste.

Bianca went to stay the night with Uncle Rudy, Aunt Andria, Dominic and DJ.

When we got home from the party the cry fest began.... both babies were screaming and crying and wanting mama... and mama only has two hands, and daddy wasn't cutting it. Eventually he'd give up and I'm calm one baby and then pick up the next and the calm baby would begin to cry again.... this went on for over an hour... finally I got Peyton to sleep and then worked on Sydney... YEAH... peace and quiet.