Saturday, December 01, 2007

one sick baby

Peyton started running a fever after I picked her up at daycare, no telling if she had the fever while she was there, usually Sharon is quick to notice things like that. The girls were busy playing legos when I got there to pick them up, but Tio Rudy commented that Peyton didn't look well when he picked DJ up.

Last night Ben took Bianca and Sydney shopping while I hung out with Peyton at the house, giving her my undivided attention, I think it was good for her. Gave her some Tylenol and then gave her some motrin two hours later, her fever was between 103 and 102.3.... She slept for about 2 hours before I brought her to bed with me... where she nursed on and off all night.

This morning she was telling me 'Morning Mama, Morning Mama' just as the 7 o' clock mark came into view on the clock... i nursed her some more in hopes that she would fall back asleep, but she didn't, and she had a temp when we went downstairs... more tylenol and we hung out about an hour before Sydney made her way downstairs. We watched Yo Gabba Gabba and the Doodlebops, ate oatmeal, colored, played puzzles, played with Playdough, played more puzzles and snuggled.

Grandma came over to make soup for the girls and bring apple juice - Thanks Grandma -

Bianca and Ben got home from soccer about 2 pm - Bianca's team tied the first game and won the second game, tomorrow determines if they move on in District Cup. Last year we played three weekends of District Cup... and took 2nd place.

I got the girls down for a nap about 3, and Peyton keeps stirring....

I'm gonna miss Luke's babyshower or is it Joan's babyshower? Well I'm gonna miss the babyshower tonight, so I'll have to hook up with Joan next week... shouldn't be hard, they'll be moving into their new house next week - just a block away from us.

Sutter PregnaGym Farewell Party

After 22 years of service to Pregnant and Postpartum women, Sutter Memorial Hospital cut the PregnaGym... it was a sad day but we knew it was coming. We wrote letters hoping to change someone's mind, but nothing seemed to help - budget cuts are on the rise.

This was the best place that happened to me after Sydney and Peyton were born. The gym became our routine, it got us out of the house, gave us all a lil stimulation, and lots of fun. It was a place I could go every single day and take them with me... I sat on the floor with the babies and nursed them, they played in the swings and bouncers while I worked out, and they met and played with other babies while I did yoga... It was a safe and cool place to be during the hot summer days and a great place to meet other moms and talk babies. I got my adult interation here while the girls got baby interaction. I met a lot of great people who were encouraging and helpful during my postpartum days and even now 20 months later.... Friends for Life

Here are a few pictures from the party . Click the pictures below to see them individually or click on slideshow to see a slideshow version.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Thoughts, Random Pictures

Bianca had her conference today.... She's doing well in school. Ben kept teasing her saying he wondered how many F's she had.... well luckily they are numbers and not letters.... but she still needs some work in Math.... I swear I wanna enroll her in Kumon.. But Ben says it's a waste of time and money... but how does he really know? We know she reads the problems way to fast when they are word problems... BIG PROBLEM....
after the conference, we went to Toys R Us, then CPK for some grub.... then Macy's, Claires and Sports Chalet... They have these great shoes.... Sanuk... I think Ben should get a pair.. and Bianca really wanted a pair but they didn't have her size... I think they did, but she said they were either to small or to big.... where are the people who measure your feet when you need them? I think i'll take her to Nordstroms on Friday and see what we can find there....

Sydney layin on the new dog bed and showing off her new shirt

UPEEE Mommie
What's Kallie do???
Looks like Peyton and Bianca bumped heads
sweet dreams

Kallie is growing so fast, she's wild and needs some training.... she loves to bite...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bianca's quick photo shoot

I took a couple of pics of Bianca while she was watching her morning show.... Ugly Betty

A Monster Jam Party for Andrew

Happy 4th Birthday Andrew

Our Nephew and Godson Andrew celebrated his 4th birthday with a big party at the Park. Everyone showed up for the Monster Jam., even Mr Sunshine was cooperative... we were lucky we all got away with sweaters instead of jackets and everyone had a great time.

Joan and Andrew blowing out the candles

Peyton and Bianca snuggle

Peyton and Sydney Race Down the Slide

Donovan eating pizza and being silly for the camera

Front Row: Athena, Kalyn, Andres, Vanessa, Bianca, Matthew & Dominic

Matthew, Kalyn, Bianca, Dominic

Bianca stealin some suga from Sydney

Sydney loves cake

Peyton loves cake

Bianca loves cake

Donovan loves cake