Saturday, April 27, 2013

Laser tag

I'm finishing this post. I'm in the sauna. Burning up. Sweating pouring out and it stings my throat. Ugh. I can't think. Almost time to get out. Adele in my ears and laser tag on the mind.

Took the kids to play laser tag last Tuesday. That would be April 23. Peyton, Sydney, Bianca and me. Yes I'm the only competitive one in the group. I can't wait til the lil girls get competitive. Bianca Ida's getting mad at me that I wanted her to follow me into the base. I kept shooting three of the other team but the fourth would get me. So I thought she could help. Nope. The other team had their base protected and enough people shooting our base too. I have no clue where our team was or what they were doing. First game I had 1st on our team of 11. Game 2 I had second. And again our team sucked. I can't wait to take DJ with us next time we go. I took some photos but only one came out. 2 games if laser tag and $26 in snacks and $50 in game tokens. We still have half of the tokens.

Still playing catch up on the blog and life. Even the gym. Today is day 1 again after a week off cuz of my stitches. Today the pool is packed. The kids want to swim. So I'm thinking if they can have a good week I will gladly bring them back to swim. It's gonna be 97 at the end on the week. Now if I was swimsuit ready. Yikes. I have a lil time to kill and a lot to trim.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Good mornin

I didn't sleep very well last night but when I finally settled into the good sleep my alarm went off. 530 you came to quickly. I raced downstairs to make coffee and start getting ready. Soon the girls were up and I was making breakfast for them. A first they agreed in oatmeal. Woohoo.
5 minutes to spare and Kamren was standing at the gate. He was smiling and that's always a sign to what kinda morning we will have. It was gonna be a great one. I smiled and said Good morning. And he said Good Mornin mama. Picked him up and gave him a big hug then he said his good morning to the rest of the crew. Headed upstairs for some milk in the glider and we snuggled. Love those precious moments with him. The girls and dad headed off to school and I asked Kamren if he wants to go potty in the toilet and get a stamp. yay he said yes. I sang a lil potty ditty and he peed. Woo hop danced a jig, high fives, clapping and fist pumps. He picked the helicopter for his stamp.
I finished getting ready and I bribed Kamren. If he let me brush his teeth good we would go outside and play a lil while. Before we headed to school. It was worth it.
Work was work and daycare was daycare. No stamps at school no trip to the toy jar for Kamren.
Picked syd and pey up and got an ear full about the school day. Peyton was first on the track. Sydney and mia tied, no one waited for ella and lunch was pretty good.
Back at the homestead we got our workout on, then played outside spraying the dog, each other and the plants.
Dinner grilled fish, rice and corn. Then more playtime out front with Caleb. The kids rode bikes, scooters and then suited up for some baseball. Heck ya! Batting practice and I got videos. Kam got his ups and managed to tee off a few.