Wednesday, April 06, 2011

SAHM Day 2

Today Ben changed Kamren before he left for the day, me and Kamren went back to bed til 830 and then we got up to meet the day.  Sydney and Peyton were up a lil bit afterwards.  We got dressed and headed downstairs, Soccer Jim was coming over for coffee at 9. 

I didn't want to start the coffee til he got there, but of course he was right on time, so I could have started it and the coffee still would have been fresh when he arrived.  He had his 3 oz of coffee, not sure he's supposed to have that, but it was his dialysis day and he was going to get the fluid taken off at 2.

We had a good visit, I made breakfast for the girls, breakfast burritos - bacon, egg and cheese.  One of their favorites. After breakfast they ran out back to play pirates and chase Kallie.  They have been enjoying this sunshine.  Soccer Jim finally got to hold Kamren, he didn't hold him long, but Kamren didn't even cry, guess SJ didn't want to give him a chance to cry. 

After SJ left, we got ready and headed out for a nature hike, this time the girls decided to walk, and bring their backpacks so they could find rocks as well.  Of course I got stuck carrying the backpacks full of rocks, rocks they intend to paint on Wednesday.  Good thing we have a lil storage under the stroller.  The girls got tired pretty quickly when they were hauling the rocks on their backs. 

We headed over to check out where the new park is going to be, we got almost there and the girls were ready to turn back.  Once we got home the girls counted and put their rocks away.  We had some lunch and watched Labyrinth, I tried to get a lil nap with Kamren, but all I got was 30 minutes.  After the movie we went back out to play.  We have to get our outdoors activities in before Thursday, it's going to rain.

Ben and Bianca are at her soccer game against Mira Loma, Ben said Bianca doesn't get to play this game.  I bet that's a fun game to watch.  I hope he brings dinner tonight.

 Soccer Jim holdin Kamren
 close up
 Look - how funny, playing outside and both girls were captured doing the same move with the hair.  Maybe it's a signature move, or they are practicing for a commercial for hair.  Whatever it was, I couldn't help but post it.  I love the new hair cuts they got.  It's so easy to brush and style their hair in the mornings.

Kallie and her favorite broom - what a witch

Monday, April 04, 2011

SAHM Day 1

Our first official day at home without daddy.  We got up for our 5 am feeding, and by 530 Kamren was asleep, snoring even... and I couldn't fall asleep.  I tried everything, head under covers, counting sheep, nothing worked.  By 615 Ben was up and moving around and I was trying still to go to sleep.  By 7 Kamren and I were up again for some milk.  After he finished we went downstairs and he slept in the swing while I cleaned up my counter, put magazines into the basket and picked up around the house.  I checked out the news and had coffee.

As 830 rolled around, Sydney and Peyton came down to snuggle, then we had breakfast.  We played with Kamren for a lil bit, everyone got dressed, ready for the day. Kamren wore his Giants outfit for the first time, and I'm not sure how many more times he'll get to wear it, he's growing fast. We played til his eyelids closed again.  While Kamren napped again, we went out back and played soccer, then the girls played Pirates on the play structure. 

Around 11 Lynda and Kaden stopped by... with Starbucks *lol*  the girls had some new apple grape juices, and some yummy real fruit snacks.  I had an iced Mocha..  Couldn't go wrong with some chocolate and espresso.  The kids went out back and played Pirates and keep away from Kallie.  Lynda and I hung out and chatted.  It's always so easy, the way you fall into conversations and it's just like home.  Not sure how to explain it, but we had a great time. 

We are already planning more play dates for Sydney, Peyton and Kaden, they really hit it off. 

After they left we got some snacks, Kamren got changed and ate and then we went on our nature hike.  The girls drove their jeeps, and I pushed Kamren in the stroller.  It was beautiful outside, warm enough for shorts and a tank top with a lil breeze.  It was a long stroll, but I would have loved to go further, but it was way after lunch time.

After lunch we practiced our address and phone numbers, then settled in for a resting period, when I'd like them to take a nap, but we didn't press it this afternoon because it would have been a late nap, and I'd rather them get to bed early.  They watched a movie and I tried to nap.  Didn't happen.

I started dinner around 530, Ben and Bianca were going to be home around 615 and arrived just in time for dinner.  Looks like it's going to be a long week.  They'll be leaving the house around 7 am and getting home almost 12 hours later, and two nights a week it will be 13 or 14 hours later (when Bianca has soccer games).  They play Mira Loma tomorrow but the coach told Bianca she won't be playing much, he's giving the 'not so good players' a chance to play since ML is the worst team ever. 

Right now the girls are all out back playing, and Ben and Kamren are watching basketball while I blog and work on Kamren's birth announcement.  Yay.  Looking forward to hanging out with Soccer Jim tomorrow morning for a lil bit.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Things are about to get chaotic

Monday Ben goes back to work.  So life as we know it is going to change.  For better or for worse, it's gonna happen.  Me, Sydney, Peyton and Kamren are going to be on our own.  Am I afraid?  Who wouldn't be.  Do you know these kids? :)

We have a full day scheduled for tomorrow, weather permitting.  First thing.  Breakfast, can't start the day without it.  I'm thinking bacon, eggs, toast, no hash browns, darn it.  Bianca wants me to wake up early and make her a mushroom omelet, doesn't she know that I'm up every couple hours, sometimes for up to2 hours... awake.. no sleep, it's really hard on the body and mind. 

We've got company coming around 1030, so that gives us a lil time to get ready.  I've showered the last couple days... and still not gotten around to washing my hair, yep, I'm gonna have dreadlocks in a minute. 

Wednesday Bianca and I are finally getting our hair cut.  (thought cut short.. not our hair) - I hear someone crying... it's Sydney, new bedtime and bedtime rituals were starting tonight... they were supposed to be in bed by 830... it's almost 9 and we have yet to brush their teeth.  At least they got showered and their hair washed.  I know they are on their way upstairs to get PJ's, teeth and hair brushed...  lil feet running.  Well hello sunshine

A long nature walk, the girls in jeeps or maybe bikes, and Kamren in the stroller.  Peyton wants to do art projects tomorrow, so gotta see what I come up with.  Please give us some beautiful weather, we want sunshine and heat :)

Kamren should be waking up in 30 minutes.... and then it's one long nursing session and down to bed he and I are going.  I didn't get a nap today, but I needed one.  Kamren had about 8 naps.

Hopefully  tomorrow while everyone naps I can start designing Kamren's baby announcement.  I think I finally found some pictures.  Wish me luck.  Nite