Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chaotic July 26th

I woke up early, Ben left for LA, I don't even remember him saying goodbye.... how sad is that? I got up and nursed babies around 6:30, jumped in the shower, played with babies, woke Bianca up, hung out with Bianca, Babies and Grandma, nursed babies. My sister showed up late... I told her 7:45, she came at 8:15... I had a dr appt at 8:50 - my milk was spraying the world.. okay my paper sweater was WET, milk was just shootin across the room, for no apparent reason. Headed home to grab a few things, hit Starbucks for a fix - had a mocha frappachino (it was good, but it wasn't an iced vanilla latte).

A random young woman chased me down in the parking lot. Wanting to know what I was doing (right) in order to be a stay at home mom... Actually she said when she's out and about she likes to find out what people are doing - she's a finanical planner or something from Primeamerica.... anyhow I told her i was not a stay at home mom... I was going back to work in November... Then she asked "are all these yours" (amy, bianca, sydney and peyton). I claimed them all, but informed her that Amy was my sister... finally she let us on our way, with the promise of calling me... ~rolls eyes~ "how exciting".

We went to grandma's to change the babies and nurse the babies.. Peyton had an accident, so we had to change babies.... change outfits, because grandma doesn't think sydney and peyton should not not be matching... put the babies down for a quick nap... they hadn't slept yet.... 1100 to 1130 they napped then we headed to my work to introduce the babies..... First we went to the cafeteria to see Vangie and Carrie. Frankie and Leann met us down there too.... We ran into David's wife - Janie who came over to see the babies. Janie thought the babies were gorgeous and she had the girls smiling and laughing while Vangie decided to scare Sydney and make her cry... Vangie later redeemed herself. although I thought she might drop Sydney...Sydney tried to jump out of Vangie's arms... Beware of jumpin babies.

finally we made it upstairs after signing in and stealing up the elevator. We met Alison, Shona and Darice in the hallway, they got a baby fix and then we moved into our work area... that's where we saw everyone... it was a huge party. Amy (my coworker, not my sister) pinched my cheeks.. she got a handful of my cheek... wow, it was like being a kid again... she used to say she wanted to grab the babies chubby cheeks.. glad she chose mine instead. Liz told me that security was after me for using my badge when I wasn't supposed to.... OPPS Dwayne escorted me to get a visitor badge. The babies enjoyed being passed around, they were smiling, laughing and havin a great time. Peyton hung out with Roberta for a lil bit while Sydney tried to break Brian's Raiders watch.

We got to break up a meeting with the Portal Team... the babies brought the meeting to a halt... Marlene held Sydney for a few, while Diana held Peyton... we did some comparisons... it was so hot in the building.. holding a baby and being hot sucks.... i was surprised people wanted to hold hot, sweaty babies... of the girls... yes they are fraternal, Syd has light hair, Peyton has dark hair, Syd's got a lil more muscle while Peytons a bit taller (or so they say). Tina took Peyton off Diana's hands and that's when Vangie almost dropped Sydney... no...I'm not gonna forget that...

Darice took over the tour, guiding us to see Frankie... we hung out with Uncle Frankie for a lil while, waitin to see JW - my spinning friend and JR - another twin mom whom i worked with. We didn't see a Jennifer.

Fianlly we left, the babies went down for naps after they nursed.... I napped with Sydney...

Monday, July 24, 2006

it's gettin Hot in Here

Peyton's first tooth is pushing through... yep, we felt it today.... She's thrilled... she's been waiting for months now. She's tired of always being second, and she's determined to do something first, so we're wondering if it might be crawling first... She's gonna have competition cuz Sydney thinks she's number one - still always shaking her pointer finger at the world.

Oh yeah - the HOT POST.... 108 one day 105 the next, 110 if we're not careful. We spend the day swimming at my parents... the water is like a bathtub... not much fun swimming in warm water... we turned the slide and hose water on into the pool... it felt better...