Thursday, July 06, 2006


145-245 - nursing babies and watching TV
500-600 - nusring babies and changing babies
730-830 - getting Bianca off to school, nursing babies
1000 - No more sleeping for anyone.... Nurse babies, dress babies, Yoga Time for mama and babies
1130 - lunchtime
1200 - Drive to pick up Bianca from school
1245 - Home again, nurse babies and try to get them to nap... Didn't work - play / nurse babies
245 - leave for the gym with Bianca, Sydney and Peyton
430 - Home from the gym - nurse babies - put them down for short naps - Daddy's making dinner - babies wake up, we play
600 - Target and Sams Club
700 - Home again - nurse babies, change babies, play with babies
800 - Babies take showers and get ready for bed, reading
930 - Babies asleep finally and I'm going to bed too

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

eat my feet

it started out slow - a fetish of sorts - but now I can't get enough of them

...SYDNEY "now my sister likes to eat my feet too, get in line"

Babies and Lovies

The babies love to nap with their lovies... They each have two lovies. Both have a baby (one brown haired, one blonde haired) and Sydney has a Polar Bear and Peyton has a Lion...

They love to love the lovies

Monday Blues

midnight - wake up & nurse two babies
3 am - wake up - change wet crying babies, change sheets in cosleeper, nurse babies
730 am - I was missing Bianca and Ben today - wake up, nurse babies, play with babies, eat blueberry toast and milk,

830 am - change babies, get babies dressed for the gym, get myself ready for the day and the gym
10 am- get to the gym, work out, nurse babies, ride the bike, change babies
noon - get to my parents house to get my swim on (didn't happen) Nursed babies, sang to babies, changed babies, tried to get babies to nap, hung out with my mama, sister and Ruben, played more with babies, danced with babies
3 pm - left parents house to meet Ben at home
4 pm - left the house with Ben, Sydney and Peyton for inlaws and to pick Bianca up - she stayed the night with Dominic - ate, nursed, changed diapers, played
7 pm- headed to the grocery store with the FAMILY
830 pm- Home to relax.... nurse babies, change babies, get babies to bed
930 pm - I'm BEAT, lay down with Ben, Bianca to watch a movie - fall asleep about 30 minutes into the movie

Wake up at 3 am to nurse and change babies, get back to sleep about 5 am - wake up for good at 730 am... and the day starts again

Sunday, July 02, 2006

pool monitors

Uncle Rudy and I were the pool monitors, but first we had to see who the captain was... so I gave him a lil push when we were standing near the pool, but I wasn't trying to force him in... he took that as the challenge and grabbed me trying to toss me in... I couldn't go down like that... so we were scrappin UFC style, he went for a leg lock and I took his leg too, if anyone was going, it would be together or no one at all. he kept pulling and i kept pulling right back, I had to keep myself low to the ground to have some leverage against him, after a few minutes - okay maybe not even that long Papa Rudy made Baby Rudy let go.... So it was a draw and the title is still on the line....

Back to the pool party - we did our best to keep those crazy kids in line. There were cannon balls galore. I did a lot of catching the bomb as Dominic would do his cannon ball right at me - making sure I was there to catch him. On the other side of the pool Uncle Rudy was teaching Kayln and Matthew how to do flips from the side of the pool. The closest Matthew got was a Superman style belly flop, and Kayln stuck to the mini cannonball.

Auntie Joan finally got in with Andrew, he did a lot of swimming on his own, he's a big boy for two... He's the more indepedent type, he didn't need mama, Tia or Uncle Rudy helping him. He enjoyed throwing the cars and boats into the pool and watching them go. He did some launching of the sailboat with Andres. It seemed like he was more interested in taking the jeep for a drive around the pool than swimming this time.

Dominic enjoyed riding the jetski around the pool, he didn't want anyone getting to close to him. I think his daddy's gonna have to take him out on the REAL JETSKI's soon. He's gonna be an adrenaline junkie.

Donovan, Peyton and Sydney all took dips in the pool too. Donovan had lots of fun splashing around while Peyton and Sydney preferred less waves and kickin back - I think they're gonna like the LazyRiver.

Sydney and Peyton did some kicking while we swam around the pool, they got the feet kicking down - just like laying on the floor - again the hands are just out. That style works best in the pool when a pool monitor is holding them ~lol~ Neither baby wanted to get outta the pool, but since daddy was sick (AGAIN) the girls took turns. Daddy snapped pictures and managed to get a whole 8 of Peyton in the pool and 32 of Sydney - SO UNFAIR

it's a party

Uncle Michael gets wild with Peyton

What are you looking at?

Silly grins - We can be twins

Finally a smile!

Papa, Donovan & Grandma, Sydney

making the band

In between swimming sessions Andres got his Trumpet out playing us all a tune - Bianca grabbed a stick and the kids lined up and started marching... Yes a marching band. Matthew found something to blow too... Hey Puffy - P Diddy - you want some of this??? You better watch out - Bianca is starting young and she might just take your place in Making The Band. As you can see we've only got one jazzy guy, go Andres, get the party started.

Cage Match


Sydney on the trampoline

Dominic and Matthew get crazy