Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yoga Babies


Stood up

Today Sydney decided to stand up.... okay it's not like it's her first time standing, or standing up... but it was the first time that she pulled herself up using something besides someone's hands. Peyton was sitting in the bouncer and bianca had sydney on her lap talking to peyton - sydney grabbed onto the orange bar on the bouncer and pulled herself into a standing position, then proceeded to eat the toys on the bouncer... she stood for a good three minutes, until Bianca grabbed her off and sat her back down... she kept doing it...

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Random shots


Mohawk Mania

Sydney is out for the count

Peyton's hungry

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Peyton enjoyed her first bowl of cereal "Mama, keep spooning that into my chops, don't stop?"

Sydney went first. "icky, I don't like this, why do you keep spooning this into my mouth

Monday, July 31, 2006

Rage Tournament

Saturday was the first tournament.... we were all glad it wasn't super hot.... the cooler weather was a welcome surprise. The girls had one sub.... but they were awesome. The first game was 1-0, Bianca scored the only goal. Second game was a really good game... lots of goals. Blanca got two goals, Bianca got one goal and Tiara got one goal. The third and forth game were ties. The last game we won 2-0 and Tiara got two goals. Our girls played so good together. They looked amazing, I was really surprised at how well they played. Every single girl contributed to those wins, we were proud of them all. Everyone played hard. The other teams were pushing and fouling lots, no cards given.... because it was coaches who were calling the game instead of real refs... UGGHH... We got 33 points and first in our division... GO RAGE.

The babies and I sat under a big beach umbrella playing... I had some help from Courntey, Irene and my sister came for the last two games... During the breaks the soccer girls would crowd around our blanket and talk to the babies.. Sydney and Peyton's buddie Carter was at the last two games.. and I took some pictures of them all... Someone asked if we had triplets... Carter is four months old, but as big as the girls... I'll post pictures soon. Peyton got a lil sunburned.. I was totally bummed... Sydney got less burnt than Peyton - i put sunscreen on them both and we were under the shade the whole time.. cept when we walked to the car to leave....