Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bath Time

scrub a dub dub Peyton
clap if you love shampoo
Sydney gives a helping hand
shampoo - yummmm
Tastey bubbles
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Bianca and Uncle Michael

Our two runners... Congratulations Bianca and Uncle Michael. Bianca took second place in her age group for the 10K.... Officially 1 hour 4 minutes 49.1 seconds. Way to GOOOOO girl.... You're AWESOME. We're proud of you. Love your leggins under the soccer shorts. STYLISH

And Uncle Michael got 151st place in his age group for the 10K - of course we know those other guys all trained and Uncle Michael got tricked into running.... we're proud of you too... It took Uncle Michael 1 hour 4 minutes, 49.9 seconds.....according to the chip!!!!!

Next year Bianca's gonna have to run on her own.... or find a running partner her own age. She's already talking about doing the 10K again...

all smiles

A play date with Jonah

Bianca, Sydney, Peyton and I met Jonah and Teri at the park for a Tuesday afternoon playdate . The kids had fun playing in the sand, climbing the structures at the park and of course sliding. After the park us girls went to Chipotle for lunch and then later when I couldn't get the babies to nap... we took the long drive to 'big spoon' for some frozen yogurt

Here are some pics
Sydney waits for the others
Jonah and Bianca cross the bridge
kids in the sandbox
everyone having a good time

Peyton tries to climb up to where Bianca is
Bianca on top of the world (the bars)
Peyton and Jonah
Jonah hams it up

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Happy Thanksgiving

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There is so much to be thankful for. Family, Friends, Good Health. I'm thankful that we are finally settled in our new home, I'm thankful to have awesome, beautiful, happy girls and a wonderful, understanding and handsome husband. Had to throw in the handsome since I called the girls beautiful, adjectives are great... We're happy to have a barking, big, furball of a pup who keeps us on our toes, or she bites them.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our 2nd annual Run to Feed the Hungry. Uncle Michael got to the house about 645am and Tia Amy got there a lil before 800. We left a lil after 8 and got to the parking garage at CSUS around 840. The run started at 900. I forgot my camera, mostly I didn't grab it cuz I knew I'd have my hands full with the babies.

We met Tia Andria, Dominic and Donovan at the Tennis Courts and headed to the race. Tia Andria got some pictures, I'm just waiting for my copies.... We didn't get a group shot of all of us like last year... oh well there is always next year.

This is the first time Bianca decided to run the 5K which turned into the 10K because they missed the turn. Uncle Michael left his cop eyes in the squad car.... BOLO be on the look out for 5K marker.... They did the 10K in 1 hr & 8 minutes, of course they were stuck in the heavy traffic when the race began where they couldn't even run or jog.... I'm very proud of them both. Uncle Michael was pretty sore after the run, seems his knee didn't like the pavement as much as he'd hoped... Bianca wanted to run the entire time... but she walked off and on with Uncle Michael who claims that was his first and last race..... at one point Uncle Michael told Bianca they would start running again as soon as they got to the balloons about 30 feet in front of them... they kept walking and finally Bianca realized that the balloons were moving the entire time... Someone was running/walking with the balloons.... We all had a great laugh....

Amy, Sydney, Peyton and I did the walk in 1 hour and 30 minutes.... I carried Sydney the entire almost three miles. Peyton road in the stroller the entire time. Sydney fell asleep three or four times during the walk, and everytime we pulled off to the side to lay her down... She woke up.... So needless to say the mama carried the bear cub the entire journey.... we even ran off and on.... no easy task. Tia Andria and her friends did the walk in 1 hour and 35 minutes.
After a few phone calls to Tia Andria - we got together and headed to find Bianca and Uncle Michael. I love this picture.... Donovan is pushing the wagon, I'm pulling the wagon with Dominic and Peyton inside and Sydney is right next to me wanting me to carry her some more. As if three miles weren't enough.... I think she was satisfied with holding my hand for a minute and then I had to change places with Tia Andria....

Oh wait... Sydney decided to help Donovan push the wagon for a few seconds... Short Attention Span...

We met up with Uncle Michael and Bianca at the Tennis Courts and headed home.

Nana, Papa and Patrick were already at the house cooking the Turkey and getting our Thanksgiving ready. We ate about 230... it was yummie. We had Turkery, mashed potatoes, stuffing, steamed broccolli, carrots and sauted mushrooms... Pumpkin, apple and pecan pies... It was a feast.

My sister and I cleaned up after dinner and then I laid down with the babies and took a short nap. It was a long but wonderful day.

well i can't find the url to these pictures from Thanksgiving anymore... Flick R doesn't like me.