Saturday, September 15, 2007

a playdate with Cole

Amy brought Cole over to meet Sydney and Peyton. Cole is Tyler's nephew, and he's almost two years old. Amy talks about Cole quite a lot so it was nice to finally meet him. The girls were napping when they got here, and Cole was napping in the car... so everyone was a bit crabby at first. Cole never really warmed up to the girls, but the girls seemed to warm up to him. Here are some pics

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Braces Be Gone

This morning Bianca went to the orthodontist and had her braces removed..... she was so excited to show everyone her pearly whites. They look beautiful, now lets see if she shows them off all the time. I'm still trying to get a picture of her smiling with her teeth showing..... she took a picture with her phone, but I haven't gotten a good one with my camera.

I had an interview with Cal Fire today... it was awesome. it was like sitting with your friends and talking... it wasn't like a stuffy panel with people who believe they know everything. These women laughed and smiled and said silly things. This would be my ideal job... I have to say it... If they offered me this job and my current job with the new classification.. I'd take the Cal Fire Job... in a nano-second.... the position calls for travel and training... but all things that I can handle... I had a CHP interview on Tuesday - it went really well, but the job wasn't fun.... one of the girls on my panel said.. "your job sounds so much fun" and hers wasn't.... Can we say STUFFY and BORING....

We celebrated Bianca's braceless teeth with our friend Sherri and Soccer Jim. We met up at a park in FairOaks and had a lil dinner picnic in the park. We had sunflower - nutty taco's and the kids had pizza.... and fed the chickens and roosters... they ran and played frisbee, played on the slides... then we went for a walk over the bridge.. I got lots of pictures, but don't have time to upload yet... I need some shut eye

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

best piece of parenting advice - who says I can't read and write?

we all hear it, we all give it - but what's good and what sucks? How about the good stuff

Catch your child doing something right - focus on the positive things instead of the negative

Keep your bedtime routine short and simple - the routine you choose when your child is a baby is the same one she'll expect you to keep when she's eleven

a favorite - mother said it best: "you can hold their hands all you want, but they do not grow until you let them fall down a bit"

Update from the Pediatrician - 19 months

Started off routine - dropped Bianca at school, drove to drop off Sydney and Peyton at daycare, logged on outlook to check work stuff, drove to pick up Bianca for her check up, drove to ped office where it took forever - they measured her - 4 ft 10 inchces, weighed her - 72 lbs, there was lots of conversation between Dr A, Bianca and I.... then came time for a shot... and back to school.

I head to sign Bianca up for volleyball, do that, then hit starbucks for some much needed liquid gold and a sandwich, drive to pick up babies, take a few minutes to hang with them, nurse them, then its' off to the races to get daddy for their appt.... it went well. Sydney was a lil clingy, but we're used to that... Peyton weighs 25 lbs 8 oz, her head is 18 3/4 inches and she is 32 1/2 inches tall. Sydney weighs 22 lbs 10 oz, her head is 18 3/4 and she is 31 3/4 inches tall... They even got a shot like big sister, there were less tears and less crying this time....

Ready for school - I GOOOOOOOOO

I own the remote ------- Cheese

please don't make me wear this hat

your turn to wear a hat

STARBUCKSlook at meeeeee
leave me alone

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Snake Eyes - The big double ones

Happy Happy Birthday Bianca

Bianca is eleven.... She was born at 9:17 pm..... during Monday Night football I was pretty busy pushing her out... can you believe that was eleven years ago? I can't. I had a great idea for an invitation for Bianca's birthday and Frankie made it come alive. I'll have to post the invite on here, but right now the jpg is in the car.

So we rented out Foothill skating rink for Bianca's birthday. I was lucky and got a group shot, but some of the kids had already left. Oh well. Here's who came to Bianca's party:

Sydney, Peyton, Grandma, Papa, Nana, Papa, Tia Amy, Tyler, Uncle Josh, Patrick, Tia Andria, Tio Rudy, Dominic, Donovan, Tia Carmen, Matthew, Kalyn, Uncle Steven, Andrew, Leslie, Emma, Tia Carmen McClain, Tio Rafa, Andres, Vanessa, Gabriella, Uncle Erick, Athena, Michael, Carson, Xavier, Erik, Taylor, Jessica, Kelsie, Natalie, Nikki, Jade, Renee, Marissa, Monisa, Tamiko, Hannah, Madi, Eleanoir, Jill, Cat, Noell, Alexis, Kadie, Cydney, Courtni, Alexandra, Amanda, Tiara, Tyler, Diane, - and most of the parents skated too. Great turn out. We ate pizza and cake and skated til we couldn't skate anymore...

Sydney and Peyton even skated... We did a couple laps - and then Sydney decided she couldn't be away from me... She cried everytime I tried to skate without her, but she didn't want to skate anymore. Amy and I raced and skated, had a blast. Bianca skated with all of her friends and had a great time. Everyone sang to her while she was in the middle of the rink, we danced and did the Hoki Poki around her too...

I'm exhausted. Happy Birthday Bianca - We love you.