Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years @ Sherri & Don's

No way to get Sydney and Zaeden to look at the same time

Daddy gets some love from Bianca

Soccer Jim gets some love from Sydney

Peyton gets some drive time

Soccer Jim

Fun on New Years Day

We packed the girls up and went to Sherri & Don's for New Years Day Fun. (old news, but I've been busy & wanted to upload some pictures - a lot of pictures, so sit back and enjoy)

The food was fabulous - Posoli, Tamales, and lots of snacks. We played ping pong, talked, took pictures and played with all the kids.

The girls enjoyed playing with Zaeden, Emma, & Nora.....and posing for Soccer Jim who had his camera flashin left and right.

Sydney made her own lil table

Sharing kisses with Sherri

Zachary & Zaeden

Look at the way Peton is looking at Zaeden

girls rule

Association Cup - Breaking News

So 64 teams started in the 2009 CYSA Association Cup. Our results.

Land Park vs Sonoma Valley 3-1
Land Park vs Heritage Kaos 2-0
Land Park vs Redwood Palo Alto 2-1

Land Park Rage wins three games this weekend and heads to Morgan Hill next weekend for the Sweet Sixteen. Way to go girls.