Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy happy fun day

At the pool. Last swim lesson of the session. All the kids were super excited. Even Kamren, of course he just wanted to see Emma and jump into the pool. We sang motorboat motorboat with Sydney and Peyton's swim group.  We sang 3 lil monkeys, and we did the hokie pokie too. Go team avila. 
Bianca came to the pool to take some pictures on the phone. Yay I was excited that she was gonna get some swim shots. 
After lessons Emma posed with Kamren for photos. Bianca swore she took 4, but there were Zero posed photos. She did get a couple candid shots. I really wanted a portrait style photo of Kam and Emma, his first crush.  Oh well. Here is what I got. 

Yesterday night the kids played home run derby with Caleb. Sydney was the champ with 5 home runs. Afterwards the kids rode bikes for awhile. Kamren was on a roll, he was going down the driveways fast and also down the steps like his sisters. While gliding around the street, Caleb was rising fast and right towards Kamren, instead of putting on the brakes or going around Kam, he crashed right into Kam. He ended up with a tire tread burn on his side and under his armpit. I cleaned it up and put neosporin on it last night and again today.  This is it now

Looks way better now. Well dueces- I'm outta here 

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