Thursday, June 13, 2013

Swim photos

So these pics are from tonight. But I can't get them moved to the bottom. Peyton is at the bottom

Finally got Ben to take a couple pictures of Kam in the water. I'd really like a couple good photos but since Ben won't get in the water with Kamren that leaves me as the only interested party.  Ben can't seem to grasp the concept of photo taking either so he won't use my camera and I can barely get him to take a phone photo. Hopefully today I can get a photo of Kamren and Emma. It would be a shame to not have one for the blog and so we can document his first crush.  But for Tuesdays this is what I have.  

Yes Wednesday Ben didn't manage to pull his phone out once to get a picture but a few times for other things probably talking to his boyfriend Michael.  

Lessons were packed again since the weather is nicer again. Kam can be found jumping from the side of the pool, doing superman arms and kicking his feet, occasionally going underwater and growling.  Where are the monster arms that go with the monster growl?  Sleeping I guess. 

Sydney and Peyton are swimming up a storm. Strokes improving every time they get in the pool. The coaches miss brooklyn and miss layla both said the girls could have been in sea otters instead of guppies and next session for sure. Good to know. The girls really liked their swim coaches. They want to join the swim team next year. 

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  1. You are one blessed woman! The kids are beautiful and happy. They're growing so fast and getting out of the little kid stage. scary!