Tuesday, February 26, 2008

La Jolla

This morning we got a later start than normal, we were waiting on some overnite material so we headed for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe before the moodlights were going to show up. The event today at San Diego State went better than any of the other events. It was sunny and warm - shorts weather warm - tank tops even... to bad I didn't bring a tank, but I did have shorts.... The campus was amazing, the weather brought out everyone on campus and they ate the toolkits/prizes up. Yes, marketing ReadyReturn is fun work, now I just wish that all the returns were really ready when we started, most people who quailified - filed before they got the message to use ReadyReturn. Pilots sucks. - not the ones flying the planes either....

So after we finished up at the University we went back to the hotel and then headed to La Jolla - it was breathtakingly beautiful - and I didn't bring my camera - i was kicking myself.... We walked around the village, checking out the places to eat for later, window shopping, and then it was down to the beach. We sat and walked around the beach for a long time. We watched some young girls playing in the tide, it would take them out and bring them back, they were having so much fun - it was priceless. We walked along the shoreline and touched the foamy water - it was freezing... We walked around some more - checked out some galleries - Peter Lik - amazing gallery - he's great, i'd like to have some of his work on my walls. i want to take photographs like his..

Okay so I had this idea for a picture of the family all looking out at the ocean, make it black n white, have it blown up and put it over the fireplace.... We may have the opportunity to come back to San Diego the middle of March... And I'm thinking it would be the perfect time to get that picture.... problem is.. ben doesn't want to bring Sydney and Peyton with us if we come to San Diego...

So should we make a special trip to San Diego - preferably La Jolla to get this picture?

Well to finish off the great day, we went to Cody's for lunch - it was a late lunch, we got there at 2, normally they close at 2, but they decided we looked hungry ~lmao~ the food was exceptional and the presentation was hard to beat - I had the grilled eggplant sandwich and salad.. Yummy.... Rob had the chicken sandwich - it was my second choice. Theresa had the shrimp Louie and swore by it... so next time you're in La Jolla check out the beautiful seaside cottage

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunny San Diego

We were welcomed by the warm sunshine when we arrived in San Diego. Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. Good thing I brought shorts... okay so it wasn't hot... but warm enough for short sleeves and was wishing I was wearing carpi's or shorts.... We had a great lunch/dinner - fresh fish, mahi mahi sandwich, clam chowder.... it was awesome. best chowder I've had in a long time.

the hotel is no St Claire's... but it's alright.... was thinking it was better than it actually was when I first checked in.... but the doors are all on the exterior... and I hate that... not the safest place. I prefer interior doors. I'm on the 8th floor, and I've taken the stairs up and down three times now... good exercise.

the bed claims to have seven layers of comfort, but no feathers... no down... no wireless Internet, no Internet.... so how am I blogging? I'm on this low strength connection from a rival hotel.... and its like when the wind blows... the connection is lost.

Tomorrow were going to San Diego State - looking forward to that, maybe go to La Jolla, the beaches, we have a planned jog through Balboa Park - maybe a nice dinner out with the gang.

I didn't bring my camera on this trip - maybe daddy will take some great pictures of the kids while I'm gone.

Bianca has tryouts tomorrow - good luck - play hard, be aggressive and do your best. I love you -

I miss being home, traveling wears you out.... and it's no fun to go home and have crying kids... Ben says the kids are all excellent for him, there's no crying - although I don't believe him after the phone call I got tonight... there was screaming and crying coming from the other side of the line. and it was bedtime. Word was that Peyton through a fit at dinner, didn't want to eat, but was fine after dinner. they seemed okay when I talked to them on the phone, hopefully they have a great night. Bianca has been quite the helper with me being gone. She helps them brush their teeth, fixes their hair every morning and dresses the girls - Thank You Bianca

Random Thought - Bianca won't hold my hand in public anymore... how sad is that? Last month it was okay, but this month... I guess it's out....