Friday, April 14, 2006

76 in the sun

Friday and the sun is shining bright... Amy came by early with starbucks, I really needed that, only I was wishing I had some caf in my vanilla latte, but the sweet taste of my cafe made me happy. Bianca and I were up at 830, expecting Amy at 900 and my friends Johanna and Molly around 1000. I had a wonderful visit with them, they brought their lil boys Jackson and Mitchell. Jackson brought trains and dinos while Mitchell brought legos shaped like a sword. Molly brought me some yummie zuchinni bread. Bianca played with the boys, while the rest of us chatted. Jackson was potty training and wanted an audience during his first potty break, he was quite happy, but not so happy on his last potty - Molly and Mitchell had already left, and Bianca was busy relaxing (she was up late the night before). Jackson gave Bianca a big kiss on the cheek before they left, very sweet.

The rest of the day Bianca, Amy, Sydney, Petyon and myself caught up on One Tree Hill, Bedford Diaries and the new adventures of the old christine... we ate the Z. Bread, then later we grubbed on mini sundried tomato turkey sandwiches.... That's some good stuff.

We met Carmen at Ben's parents house, Bianca went to stay the night and do a big egg hunt. Ben's dad got our stroller put together... Ben wasn't having much luck at home, I guess you have to read and look at the diagrams in the directions... The weather was still nice and we took the girls for a walk around the block in the stroller. They were both wide awake and enjoyed being outside - I don't think they enjoyed it as much as I did... I'm looking forward to being outdoors again. To bad the forcast has RAIN again.

Check out the smile on the lil guy.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weigh In

The sun was shining beautifully today, so we went to weigh the girls.

Sydney weighed in at 12 lbs 7.2 oz

Peyton weighed in at 10 lbs 14.3 oz

I have two overstimulated babies, no time to write more


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday er Hump Day

Yesterday Nana was a no show... but Amy picked up the slack and came to help out. Nana had to draw blueprints for a job so she had to bail at the last minute. Bianca brought Peyton to me in bed about about 830, I got lucky and nursed her a bit while I fell back to sleep. I'm never sure how much they actually get while I'm sleeping... probably not enough because it wasn't long before she woke up again and wanted to nurse. Bianca wanted pancakes... so I broke out the Cowan cookbook and looked up Principal Adicoffs pancake recipe. It was yummie - we had two days worth of pancakes.

the girls were great, even Bianca... we had lots of "waked up babies" er wide awake babies. Peyton went the longest stretch without a nap... Last night she was the cryingest baby ever. She was overstimulated, overtired, and outta her mind. It took a lot to get her to sleep, but when she did, she slept four hours.

Today, yep it's Wednesday - Nana came over to make up for yesterday. She got to change a diaper, help dress babies and hold babies. Bianca, Me, Nana, Sydney and Peyton all played twenty questions. Joy, what fun. Naw, it wasn't that bad. Bianca whined lots cuz I was winning... Yep, I'm a pro at the kids twenty questions... even with a baby brain...

As Nana left, the next shift happend by... Miranda came to play. Bianca n Miranda went to La Bou to pick up lunch.... Chinsese Chicken Salad, Mango Tea, and an apple turnover for me.... Bianca had fruit salad and bread.... she thought she was getting the usual, but only ended up with three pieces of bread... Someone was disappointed. Miranda had diaper duty, she enjoyed it... The babies enjoyed all the company.

Daddy got home about 4 and took over with some baby duties... Bianca broke out the twenty questions again.... this time Daddy was dominate. After awhile it was time for dinner... Mom had a new recipe - Balsamic Pouched Chicken with red potatoes and asparagus... it was a HIT.

The babies had a HUGE CRYING SPELL AGAIN - this time it was BOTH BABIES... Four hours later we're all EXHAUSTED.

lap & hands full

sweet  girls

papa & peyton

nana  & sydo

Monday, April 10, 2006

My favorite Sister

It's Monday - Thank goodness for days when my sister doesn't have to work... at a paying boring job. Sunday night was nice, the babies slept and nursed great, and I got a lil bit of sleep, in my wonderful comfy bed. I still love my chair, but sleeping in a chair isn't as fun as a bed.
Did I mention Bianca is home for spring break.... She woke up at 700 with me... I made us yummy pancakes - I nursed babies and got them to sleep again, and I rushed back to bed, knowing that Amy was due to show up at 930. It was 900 when i got back in bed and I woke back up at 1030... I got an extra 90 of beauty sleep (much needed).
                                                                peyton, amy, sydney
                                                                      all smiles this time

It's so nice having an extra two sets of hands.... Bianca is great at getting water and finding binkies and bringing crying babies for feedings and changing..... My sister was great at cleaning the livingroom while I was cleaning the kitchen. I let her wear the babybjorn and carry Peyton around while Sydney slept sweetly in the swing.

Darice came by with my video camera ( I let her borrow it for the weekend wedding event ) Congrats to Heather on her wedding. Darice hung out for awhile, we all gossiped and took turns holding babies, I was just there to offer some milk.... She bailed after another failed attempt at changing Sydney's diaper.... at least this time Sydney only peed all over Darice, the new diaper, the blanket, the changing table pad, and probably the floor.... darice of course swore that sydney's clothes were dry.... ~lmao~

Bianca ran off to play at her friends house.... so it was just me, amy, peyton and sydney for the rest of the afternoon. Nap time? I don't think so.... instead it was a laugh fest... I really needed the laughs... I so enjoy my afternoons with my sister.

Tomorrow my sister back in the rat race.... but my mom's coming to play.

April 4th

My first outing alone for more than 15 minutes.... it was more than driving Bianca to her friends house or running up to starbucks or jamba juice... I got to meet some friends for sushi.... i of course ate cooked stuff in my roll. I had the Godzilla... it's my favorite, not pregnant, pregnant, and nursing.... Yep... Darice was in full swing when I got to Tokyo Fro's, Frankie swaggered in after me.... That was enough party for me.... we ordered some grub. Frank always gets the crazy stuff, I had a lil taste... Darice got some monster handrolls, the size of Texas... a lil while into the party - the IRS showed up... I know what you're thinking.... BAD NEWS - but it wasn't really. We all brought the benjamins - so we were good to go. I was a clock watcher - knew I only had so many minutes before I needed to be home to nurse my precious babies. I think I made Darice nervous. I got to hang out about 45 minutes and that's a record. I dolled out hugs and was on my way home.

Home coming - Ben handing off Peyton as I walk in the door. It appears she cried for 45 minutes.... I guess she stopped within the 15 minutes it took me to get home. Was she starving? Naw I don't think so... Sydney slept the entire time I was gone, and while I nursed her sista. Bianca was in charge of Sidney, and as she would say "my baby was wonderful". Ben was more than happy to run off to the bedroom when i got home... the tv in the bedroom calls his name, it's quite at the back of the bus.. I mean house...

I enjoyed my quick outing, but I was glad to be home cuddling babies.