Friday, August 26, 2011

Yogurt with the Millers

Pictures from day 3 after Kindergarten with our friends Nicola, Lane, Tillie & Sadie.  We love our besties.

Kamren - Mr Independant

This boy loves being on the floor and I guess he's no mama's boy.... I love to cuddle, and sure... sometimes he enjoys being on my lap, of course mostly because he's hungry.  It's a bit sad and a bit exciting.  So many new things on the horizon for him.  He's so active and on the go...  He's never still for very long.  He's chasing after the girls, me or his daddy, maybe chasing after toys or balls.  He is a man on a mission.  I'm afraid he's going to be walking soon, and I'm not ready for that.  He just started eating rice cereal, I'm not sure if he likes it or not....  He spits up quite a bit after eating, maybe he's eating to much, but I'm not really giving him to much, or maybe his tummy isn't ready.  I don't know....  so we've taken a few days off from rice cereal.


Where has the time gone?  I remember those first days after bringing Bianca home from the hospital, the joy I felt staring down at her cute lil face as she nursed or cried.  She was so dependant on me, like nothing I'd ever known, and I couldn't stop smiling.  My body felt like a wreck, but my spirit was elated. 

As she grew up surrounded by adults ~ no cousins in sight, she developed into a smooth talker, groovy dancer and one of a kind. 

Today she's in 10th grade and much different than she was as she walked into Kindergarten 10 years ago.  She is finally becoming independant.  I'm not talking picking out her own clothes, brushing her teeth and hair, she's been doing that for years.....  But being able to run into Starbucks or Jamba Juice or the store without me...  that's a hurdle that took 14 years to get to.  She makes 'Great' choices (most of the time)  She's an awesome athlete, amazing student who sometimes struggles but manages to take what she's given and more forward.  Imagine the girl who didn't get Alegebra for 2 years....  getting an A in that class last year.  She took what was offered to her - tutoring after school and sometimes at lunch and she turned that grade right around, she finally knew Algebra and understood it.   I love that about her.  She can do anything she wants and I believe in her.  

She's now taking more honors classes and I'm praying she's still taking this school thing seriously, so far she's loving her classes, her friends, and maybe a few of the teachers.  I'm very proud of the student she has become and the daughter that she is.  Love that girl!

Here are a couple pictures of my baby girl who's no longer a baby girl.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Party in my crib

Kamren slept in his bedroom, in his crib for the first time ever.  He did such a great job, I mean how could he not, sleeping, eating and pooping is what babies do...  Daddy hooked up the monitor and the fun began, after gliding/rocking Kamren to sleep, I laid him in the middle of his crib, placing his binky where he could grab it easily. 
the giraffe was playing relaxing, stay asleep music, so i laid in bed listening to it and finally falling asleep only to wake up every couple hours to run and check on him....  He was snoozing big time.

Kamren slept til 5 am....  Yay...  he slept really good and I only wished I slept half as good.

I nursed Kamren and then laid in in the co sleeper next to my bed and we slept another 2 hours.... I woke up to Kamren smiling, drooling and playing with toys next to my bed, he looked over and laughed.... I love waking up next to him, it's going to be so hard to keep putting him to bed in his room, I'll be missing that cute bright cheery smile when I wake up.

I love feet

okay, i love baby feet and toddler feet and my own feet.  Ah ha.   Kamren was taking his morning nap in the swing, cuz he loves to nap there or my arms, and even though I prefer letting Kamren sleep in my arms, sometimes I have to do things around the house and leave it to the swing to hold my lil man.

check out these feet

check out that smile