Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle

it's hard to believe we are celebrating your 4th birthday already, and like every birthday we celebrate you and miss you like mad. We remember all the good times we shared.
I still remember your birth day. Bianca stood by my head, holding my hand, peeking as I pushed....It was only a couple pushes and out you glided, all 6 lbs 6 ounces of you. So tiny compared to Bianca, of course you were early. Only 35 weeks, but you wanted to make an appearance. You were perfect in every way. screamed at first and then when they handed you to me, I said your name and you looked at me, fascinated by my voice, I kissed your gooey face.

a bonding moment

our lil man

Bianca and Kyle

Daddy & Kyle

"hey what are you doing over there"

You are never forgotten son. To this day we still have friends and family who send cards on your birthday and remember you. I love that they haven't forgotten you either. They share stories and they call and let us know they are thinking about us and you on your special day. We are truly blessed.

Tia went and had lunch with you on Friday, the weather was perfect for a picnic. Looks like the squirrels are out in full force, eating the pumpkins and taking the treasures from the markers.

smiling while sleepin

Tia, Cousin Dominic & Kyle

Uncle Michael and Kyle

Papa & Kyle

stretched out and lovin it

Just a few more pictures to share.... I didn't start posting these til after midnight, so technically the day after your birthday.... but that's alright.

'hey daddy, can i feel that goatee'

We love you and miss you lil man.

edible crawl for the cure

Saturday October 18th was the edible crawl for the cure. This was my first time doing this pub crawl, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Our team 'Straight Shooters' consisted of 8 girls and 1 boy. It was originally a no boy event, but Kim invited her boyfriend Warren. Our group was Missy, Milly, Lauren, Kim, Me, Anita, Jade, Nico, & Warren. Each member got a 6 oz glass and a participant badge... and we were off.

We started our trek at Felicia Strati, from there we went to Zocolo's for a shot of tequila and a lime slice.... So we clicked our glasses with tequila at noon. From there we walked to Old Soul Co. A coffee place, we got some coffee and cookies, breads and brusetta. 58 degree's & Holding was next, we got red wine and pasta, breads, aspargus dip, olives, brusetta. Jade lost her $40 lipstick.... the kind that makes your lips oh so kiss - ible? I told her next time.. bring chapstick.

Then we went outta order and went to Buckhorns for mini steak sandwiches and chinese chicken salad and more red wine....hit the Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen after that for Sangria and spinach pizza. Next was Bistro 33, I don't even remember that place. Wait, I take that back. we had the yummie mini taco's there and sparkling wine - that I didn't like. I quenched the flowers thirst though. This is where things started to get interesting.

We walked to Mason's after that, it was really nice. Somewhere around here the fire fighters were out in force. Anita was waving, Jade was whistling, and we strutted around like we owned the sidewalk. Someone Jay walked.....We had cherry lemon drops, and when I climbed onto the bar to have my badge stamped, the bartender asked if I was gonna dance for them... well didn't he wish... We sat out in the courtyard and took pictures then wandered to Temple for some coffee. Jade and Anita held up traffic while petting someone's pup. I think they were already feelin it.

After that we walked across the street to Parlare Euro Lounge which was my favorite place at the time. We went up the stairs to the top floor and they served shrimp, edemame, garlic fries, chicken, salad, you name it... and Sangria... Kim carried the extra glasses and badges, so I grabbed one extra set and got another round of Sangria, I was double fistin there, and I loved it so much I went up a second time to get more. They had a dance floor and Lauren & Jade were shakin it, then Anita and I went up to join them, we all got our groove on before we headed for Sofia's. Everyone was giving me a bad time.... because I don't drink... but I was drinking - makin up for lost time is what they were callin it. Lauren and I were the babies of the group.... okay well really just Lauren, but I was next in line.

Sofia's is right across from Ben's work... They were serving Mojito's - Best Drink EVER.... plus they had a huge dinner spread. I had a few Mojito's, they were my favorite. I drank Missy's, two of my own, and Milly's and then I got one for the road. Missy was watching me close, til she had to tinkle... that's when I made my move. Lauren's back was turned and I stole back to the bartender to get some extra drinks. You can't beat that yummie mint.

Brew it up was next on our list, I don't even remember that place. The Clarion Mansion was great. I ran into two of my friends Teri and Lisa. We hung out for a lil while and then I spent a lot of time sittin on Jade's lap. She was crazy and I was drinking water at this point of the journey. We danced and she kept playing with my hair, we skipped and danced along the street to Butch and Nellie's for gelato.... Ummm that was good.

We skipped Azul's or maybe it was just me, cuz I don't recall Azul anything, and I was thinking blue. went next door to Tapa the world to Kasbah Lounge, they were serving Sangria and pita's. Pillows lined the walls, and everyone made themselves comfortable, or at least I did. Jade brought me more Sangria and Kim brought me a huge glass of water.

Next we passed over Sanad's Mediterranean Deli and went to the Stonegrill & Bar for some blue popcicle shots and steak. yum, yum, I could have had a couple popcicles, but those eyes were watching. Next stop was Yogurt a Go Go, then Rubicon Brewing Co and then we ended at Zocolo's for dinner. I got another shot of tequila but totally forgot all about it, til I accidently slammed it, thinking it was water.

While we were hangin out at dinner I thought I saw someone familiar, looked like Gabby from Mosaic's, my estitician. I looked at Jade and I was telling her and before I knew it she was hollering across the place and sure enough Gabby came over and hugged me, we all chatted awhile, and Jade was asking her if she ever did a brazilian wax on me. We all had a great laugh.

Dinner was delicious. I had the veggie enchilada's. Dessert was ice cream with churro's and caramel. Then we wanted coffee.... Nico was the only one to get coffee. The waiter was into Nico... after her second round, the rest of us mere mortals were finally served. Kim used all the milk, and no one was lactating, so the rest of us were outta luck.

We decided to call it a night somewhere close to 8. I won't talk about what happened after dinner cuz it's secret. mawwaaahhhaaa. and i can't post pictures because it's all secret. a secret society.

So did you think I got sick... all that drinking.... NOPE... I drank about 4 glasses of water at dinner, and then another 4 when I got home.... but my head was SPINNIN every time I closed my eyes.... I was so happy that I didn't get sick. I hate sick.... I wanted to go to bed early last night, like right when I got home... but Sydney was sick. runny nose, watery eyes... and I think I went to bed closer to 1 am because the kids were crazy. Ben snuck to bed around 1130 or something. What a punk.

October Memorial

October 12th was the Sharing Parents annual October Memorial. This is my first year being a volunteer. I love it and I'm not sure where we'd be today without all the support we got from our friends. Currently I am the Librarian and work the Listening Line with Molly.

Anyhow we raced back from Tahoe and I was very frusterated cuz I forgot Kyle's scrapbook at the house and had to grab an 8x10 picture from the in laws house instead to put on the memorial table. We got to McKinley Park at 1230 to set up, the festivities began at 3. The ceremony was one of the best I think.... and it had nothing to do with me being a part of it. I just got lucky.

I'd been so busy and preoccupied this time of year, things seemed scrambled, and I guess somewhere along the way I forgot to invite my parents to the ceremony. Yeah, way to go Kristie.... so this was the first year they didn't make it. This was also the first year I didn't get to sit with my family because I was working. Amy and Tyler were there, Grandma showed up to help Ben with the kids. Rudy, Andria and the boys came too.

Noel was in charge of the Memorial this year, she did an amazing job. there were poems and songs, stories were shared and thank you's too. It's always so emotional and I don't think anyone ever leaves without a few tears shed. Some day I might get up there and share our story, but I'm not sure. Most of the volunteers already know our story, and of course all our friends and family that attend the memorial.

All the volunteers stood up front and let doves go... the doves all fly around in unison and eventually fly back home. Then everyone lights candles and goes up to the mic and shares the names of their babies. Everyone gets a rose and then at the end of the ceremony we let butterflies go. The kids love the butterflies.