Saturday, December 16, 2006

missing a santa picture

Thursday at yoga Peyton kept standing for long periods of time, she'd go forward onto her toes and then back onto her hears - rocking - sometimes she's lose her balance and catch herself. it was so cute. The girls were excited to be back at yoga. They missed all their friends, and especially Julie. Sydney went and introduced herself to the new babies - Prince was the one she decided to hang out with. Peyton and Sydney both played nice with Amelia, although Sydney kept trying to pull Amelia or use her as a ladder. Bianca enjoyed Yoga too... well she rode the bike for awhile, chased the babies some and visited with Julia - a must. I was thrilled to be back at Yoga... I miss it. I'm looking forward to going every thursday that I can.

Last night Sydney took three steps, she's on her way to walking. She was standing up then started to walk towards grandma, who wasn't very far away. Left, Right, Left- Catch me....


This morning we planned on going to visit Santa and get the classic 1st picture with Santa for Sydney and Peyton and probably the 11th for Bianca - but Peyton had a couple bumps on her face, I checked her neck... more there, I took off her onsie, she had a huge chicken pox on her chest and one on her back, plus lots of little ones.... It's late in the day and she's pretty much covered now. She had the most on her head, hiding in her beautiful hair. Her hair is now brown and pink....

Sydney might have one.... nothing else yet. We'll be waiting. Needless to say it's gonna be a pictureless Christmas for us. Sydney is playing nice with her sister and not giving her to hard a time. There's been no hair pulling going on.

On the good side.... Peyton is her cheerful self. Nothing gets the girl down - HOORAY!!!

Looks like I won't be back to Yoga for awhile.... pouts

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who says Peyton's sick?

Daycare Christmas Party

It had been six years since we've been to the Sharon and Dick Christmas Party. Bianca was four the last time we went. A new tradition is born - Sydney and Peyton's turn for daycare. It's wonderful for the girls because they've got their two cousins looking out for them. Dominic is always there to greet them in the morning and it doesn't take long for Donovan to join in the fun. The party was a blast, the kids caroled, we ate good food and enjoyed.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hurricane Bianca

Welcome to Bianca's Room - it's like a Where's Waldo's Adventure

Always time to play

Another one bites the dust

Passed out again
that milk is tastey
Knocks me out cold every time

Andrew's 3rd B Day Party

Cousin Andrew turned three. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Ring around the Tree

Say what?

Batter up