Thursday, October 05, 2006


Bright eyed and bushy tailed

Julie and Launa yogee together

Jonah goes to play with Peyton, but Sydney has other plans and grabs him by the scruff and reels him in for a kiss

Kiss Kiss

Sydney in the box

Jonah eating a toy, Sydney's about to grab him from behind and pull his hair... and yes he cried.

soccer babies

Sydney's doing tricks
Peyton's got goalie style

it's been a long time

I miss updating my blog, today it's like meeting up with an old friend sipping a cup of coffee... only I have the coos of babies in the background, an occassional scream here and there - lots of talking... it smells wonderful outside, I love the after rain smell.... it is so Fall out there.

okay speaking of talking.... the babies are talking... Yep... Peyton has a bigger vocabulary right now.... besides the goos, coos, ba, da, ma, those things.... both babies do that.... Peyton has said Good, Daddy, Bianca, and up. Sydney has said Bravo. We say those words lots... I'm expecting them to break out saying their own names soon enough.

I don't even know where to begin, so many things have happened.

Bianca's soccer Team lost her first league game - what a heartbreaker... I got some great pictures... Ben bought a new lens for the camera... a 70 - 300.... telephoto... wow.. it brings you close to the action... I started getting motion sick! Bianca has now moved to the middle - yep she's a midfielder now... when she's playing forward the middle falls apart, they can't seem to get the ball to the forwards so we can score.... She's actually happy playing in the middle... You Go Girlie... Just wait.. soon enough she'll have a boot on her and she'll be shooting and scoring from way outside.

Sydney is trying to walk now. She pulls herself up on anything and everything she can get her hands on. She lets go with one hand, and then usually two, only to fall. If you hold her hands, her lil legs go superfast, she's like speedy gonzalez. It's so cute. Peyton is content with hanging out, checking things out, occassionally getting on her hands and knees, doing the rock a way and letting everyone know that she's in the room.

there was an interuption.... Sydney is now asleep on the livingroom floor, and Peyton is fighting sleep on my bed.

Did I mention Bianca got braces on Sept 13th.... She loves them and she hates them. She had to get an expander on the roof of her mouth... food gets stuck, she complains... it's hard to talk... and the day after she got the expander, she had to give a short speech introducing her candidate for Vice President at her school. So we had to change the speech up a lil bit because she had a hard time saying some of the words... She pulled it out, what a champion. And as if I didn't have enough to do... each night before she goes to bed I have to use the key and turn the deal on her expander...

We're still hot and heavy at yoga... since Sydney's on the move it's harder to go everyday to the gym. We're still trying to get in at least 3 times a week. I'd love to go more, but I need my helper - Bianca or Amy to keep an eye on the babies. A bunch of the moms and kids at yoga graduated at the end of last month... their babies are crawling and getting into things and they don't wanna be bothered chasing after them when they are trying to yoga... Sydney is on the go but she's fascinated by all the other kids and the yoga moms... so she's happy. Peyton enjoyed doing some tummy time with Fin on Tuesday. She didn't get mad that she had to be on her tummy. usually she gets upset, but I guess looking into Fin's bright blue eyes made her forget she was doing tummy time. - right now she's doing tummy time on my bed, looking at me and clearing her throat so I'll pay attention. Now she's talking... she's not ready for mr sandman. being a mother is never boring... and for those fools at work who asked me if I was bored...~rolls eyes~ I could never be bored with this wonderful full time job I have at home.

I wanna post a few pictures and then I'll continue with my updates.

Never got around to posting the pictures - maybe later.... just got back from Yoga and the Gym.... I left the house at noon - Peyton was having issues going to sleep... so we took the show on the road - only it didn't work so well for Sydney who was woken from a deep sleep by a crying sister and never went back to sleep - until the 4 o clock car ride home - and now both baby girls are out, bianca is doing her homework and Ben is pretending to clean up in the kitchen.

I've got a RANT... I've asked Ben for over a month to put his ant/bug killer/weed killer out in the garage... he keeps telling me I will - later... okay I could very well put it in the garage myself... of course it means I either have to steal the garage key from him, or move a whole bunch or crap.. ie - baby carseats, boxes, clothes for the goodwill and other things that are piled high in front of the garage door in the kitchen.... So there sits the stuff that I want out of the house... I guess if it's still there tonight I'll put it out in the front yard - maybe someone else needs it... I also asked him to buy a big freezer (because the other one died about two years ago) and I wanted to store all my precious breastmilk... in the regular freezer it only last three months... in the grand free standing freezer I wanted - it last a year.... so instead I've gradually been throwing out that wonderful breast tonic because it's no longer yummie.... so I wasted a whole lot of time and num nums... I have no milk for when the babies go to daycare... okay they won't take a bottle - yet... but they may if there is no breast to nurse on... so what.. do I give them formula in a cup, in a bottle... do they go all day thirsty... I guess Ben could care less... I on the other hand am debating on this work thing.... full time or part time? working from home sounds good about now. not working sounds best.

Okay I got this great new coffee machine.. Senseo... makes one cup, really fast, no clean up, no coffee grounds making a mess.... Yep... i'll let you know how the coffee is... as soon as I can find a place to put it... Can't get rid of my regular cup o joe maker just yet... the bad thing is... I can't use Starbucks or Java City Coffee... you gotta use Senseo coffee's... they have a huge variety or so I'm told... it's a cappuccino machine - okay I'll let you know how it goes....

are you bored yet? Good...

Sydney did the sweetest thing the other day.... she was sleepin in the co-sleeper next to my side of the bed.... and she woke up.... when she wakes up she sits up right away, looks around and then decides to either cry, find her binky or play... she moved over and patted my head, waking me up....what a sweetheart.

I'm debating about putting the girls back in the crib together to sleep or one in the crib one in the co-sleeper. I'm not getting any sleep.

The babies are loving them some veggies... Carrots are numero uno. they also really like sweet peas, peas with brown rice, squash and sweet potatoes. They are now eating stage 1 and 2 - we do the earths best baby food. They don't like banana's, apples are alright, and they love watermelon.