Monday, September 05, 2011


we have been getting ready for soccer season for a few weeks and the girls are getting excited with each passing day.  when do games start, when will we scrimmage. all those questions will have answers before next week.  two scrimmages this week against the sugar rush...  here are a few pictures from last practice.

Lane, Sydney  &  Jacqueline

peyton shoots

the girls and coach donnie
this year we have three girls on the team and three players from last year.  go hawks.

a day

all summer i have been meaning to pick one day a week and take 12 pictures, one an hour.... i know i've done this before..... it's been a long time .... things haven't worked out... and summer is gone and i haven't even done one day, let along 1 day a week....

so my new thing.... I'm going to do it... tomorrow.  Tune in......  well it got done and after 3 days of trying to post, but only managed 10 photos

and there we have it.  i think this is more like 2 pictures an hour, because the later half of the day photo's didn't turn out so well, issues with lighting, crankiness, tiredness and i need a beer and bed -ness.